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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

quick scribble break

Tour de Georgia ... where art thou?

I can't find a start list anywhere. I haven't seen profiles of riders, hype over possible war stories ... any of the good juicies that get a biker interested in such things.

i mean, isn't this the race we'll be seeing Hamilton and Millar out there racing clean again? Don't we want to make a big deal about Floyd not being there? Don't we want to hype up TommyD taking another dig for Disco? Or, will he even be there?

or, is this poor US stage race gonna get the shaft and lose itself?
- - -

Gent Wevelgem ...

i don't give a crap about this race. i just love saying Weh-vul-ghem.

- - -

Sea Otter ~

holey crap ... the Velo Bella booth is such a ton of work. And, it's all coming down like an avalanche of bricks on that core group that puts it together. Poor bastards.

and ... it'll end up being fabulous (of course) ... and all will have a huge time.

but ~ there is some serious stress in the days up to it.
- - -

Paris Roubaix this weekend.

my pick is Stijn Devolder.


Miss Mary said...


Velo Bella said...

flea fodder

Ippoc Amic said...

I can't think of a good rhyme...

PR - CSC's Cancellara or maybe a Lampre or Liquigas rider...what's wrong with the sprint fest in Belgium tomorrow? maybe JJ might win...and also on Wed. there is Sarthe and don't forget the Spainards climbing their brains out

shawndoggy said...

I sure hope the versus PR coverage is better Flanders was. Flanders seemed like I was watching the race on somebody else's Tivo. Guess that's what happens when you compress a 7 hour race into 38 minutes.

Though the sprint finish almost made up for it.

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

sucha bother
- - -

oh, i got nothing against Wevelgem. It's a nice little event rest between the hammerfalls.

and i don't want to think what a shake up Haedo winning that bunch sprint would represent.

Sarthe? dunno why, but the race has never captured my imagination. maybe cuz i think it should be ridden by clowns and painted acrobats.

and the Spainyards?

... what? another brown boy to hype up for the le'Tour (only to find him OTB by 25 minutes after the first climbing stage?).

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

shawndoggy - gone are the days when we had uninterrupted hours of PR viewing.

- - -

but, that's why they invented the interwebs.

Kevin said...

$50 a year. Live coverage and on demand after the fact.

I watched the last 25km or so of Flanders and then went out on a 5 hour Wente recon ride on Sunday. Does it get better than that???

Olaf Vanderhoot said...


Ippoc Amic said... is so P&P...or BR...

and I think they cover women's cycling too sez Flandria but I haven't found the women's Flanders yet

funkdaddy said...

btw i didn't see anyone mention JJ's win in Cologne over Petacchi and Brown - tho i'm sure you were all over it...

oh, the otter - the singlespeed (and body) are in pieces but coming back together just in time for that 7:30am rollout...tho not sure why. hey, why did you pre-ride? are you doing xc???

X Bunny said...

wasn't it just last year that we all said we wouldn't go back this year.....ah, heck--everything is better on roller skates

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

me - do Sea Otter?

hell no. i'm just there for the margaritas.

my honey likes it dirty ... so, i have to humor her once in awhile.