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Sunday, April 29, 2007

pretty much knackered

oh, what the hell ... it was epic.

3 stages in 95+ degree heat ... in under 24 hours. that's just ridiculous and my mind and body are pure mush right now.

but oh, so satisfying.

tales of all the peeps seen and happenings witnessed as soon as somebody takes this frying pan off my forehead.


alicat said...

Michael, Sabine, and Linda (and all the others in your clan out there whose names I don't know, but I'd like to):
Thank you SO much for not only feeding us Mints, but for having the coldest, sweetest damn Gatorade and Pepsi that has ever passed these lips.

karla said...

Yeah, what she said. Thanks so much for the ice cold feed today! Beautiful.

shawndoggy said...

Wish I coulda done more...

PAB(a.k.a.CID) said...

sounded to me like S-dog did a LOT!


i can't wait for the next ridiculously hot SR. Kern, where I don't have to race!

Steve said...

told you to put sun screen on that once-white back of yours... hope the sheets don't hurt like the frying pan on your forehead does... and thanks for that Pale Ale flavored soda-pop you slipped me in the feedzone. Made the seven hours I spent there worthwhile.


Ippoc Amic said...

Madera broke a 16 year record and set a new temp high @ 98 degrees on Saturday...

marscat said...

yes, thanks for the feeds and the post race cool down. very appreciated.

and congrats on your race.

tlop said...

Hey Mike....thanks for sticking it out and battling with the officials for Tray out there in Wood Town. She finally got the result she was looking for all year, and it would have been a huge let down to leave with that auful taste in the mouth. It would have been easy for you to bail and you didn' time I see you I owe you a very large and highly alcoholic beverage.

DHOLLA said...

come on man. more, more, more. im in a airport yet again.


ps i sucked at virginia.

bbElf (a.k.a. panda) said...

Y'all are amazing -- the feeds and the push saved me on that last lap, and I think I would have about melted without the post-race ice down. Thank you thank you thank you for being out there in that heat all day!

Bella / Safeway crew = (s)heroes.

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

hey ya'll ... damn good racing. i know Madera is low-key and out boony-stock way ~ but man, what a show.

i think most of the events had multiple riders winning stages. that's competitive fields throwing it down, yo.

so challenging. so good.

makes you tougher, that's fo'sho.

and sorry, DHolla ... gotta run up to a funders office and beg for money, again.

so, i can't fulfill my daily dose of dHolla amusement.

... and ToVagina looked f'ing brutal, man.

DHOLLA said...

Easily the Hardest profile in the country.

This race would make all the big dogs put there tail between there legs.

Heather said...

If that was your peeps that gave me the cold water bottle when I was OTB on lap three, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! I was the one who caught the bottle in mid-air :)
After hitting the wall on the climbs I ate and drank and drank and I DID catch the pack and then managed a decent finish. yeah!

I love coming up north for these epic races. Thank you for letting us play on your playground! You are all such a great crowd to be around. See you at Kern!

Heather (Paramount)

trac said...

dHolla said "ps I sucked at virginia"

OMG I totally just glanced at that and thought it said "ps I sucked a vagina"

I must be tired too.

Ippoc Amic said...

I must be more tired than I thought: 1981 to 2007 = 26

Nome Agusta said...

Michael, check you pedalhome email please.

chatterbox said...

OV - it was nice to meet you in person at the race. Thanks so much for your encouraging cheers for me when I was off the back - twice!

Also, I have to say the Bellas exhibited some really great sportsmanship and team work all weekend. We were impressed with their work together in the W4/35+ crit.

Congrats to all who survived the weekend and to all the winners!

Anonymous said...

Dholla - aka "Hollywood"

You did not suck at the TOV.....err maybe a little sucky!

Definately one of the hardest races I have seen in a long time. You know it's bad when top pros are standing, hunched over their bike on the side of the road half way up the final climb on stage 3.

You redeemed yourself last Sat though!

Brent said...

good thing you guys came prepped. :)