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Friday, March 30, 2007

"yes, i like pina coladas"

the cancers are being treated and the old school germans are kicking it in the ass like one would expect (hope).

they are a much stronger generation than we.
- - -

the woman took me out to the dirt. i asked her to have only one responsibility today ... relax and let herself unwind from the stresses of work and family and overloadings. asked her to just enjoy herself and live in this glorious day given us.
- - -

we climbed in mild gears, descended with freedom, waved at the legend Furtado while giving a little tread to her dogs, dropped some hucker'ifics, and let loose the soul.
- - -

it was a good day.
I love my woman.
the rest is nothing.
- - -

- - -

best to ya'll.


Ippoc Amic said...

did you know that cliff blocs come in "margarita" flavor?...weird...glad to hear you all a had a great day...I almost lost my glasses on the "smooth" section of copperopolis this afternoon-yikes...

Velo Bella said...

Theo gave a good swing style swirl- a-twirl out of the door of the cancer center as we left. This after a 6 hour chemo session.

and a tip of the hat and a mischievious smile too.

as if to say, "this is how I roll" defiantly, to age and cellular entropy, and whatever else we are, in the end, beholden to...

to look at it in the face...and play.

There is no jitterbug perfume.

There is only relish in the now.

marscat said...

best to you two and the family...

Anonymous said...

Good thoughts for all of you and your family.

Farid & Julie

monk said...

So happy to hear mom & Theo are well.

Great therapy out in the dirt you two...good for you!

kerulicious said...

The world is a donut, eat it.

X Bunny said...

the rest is nothing


jAndy donka-donk said...

Wishing the best...

Tough one even with the toughest people. But the support can only make it easier...