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Saturday, March 10, 2007

rushed TT scribblins before i hit the brewery

oy ... who punched me in the ass?

stupid time trials. stupid flat time trials. stupid time trials i get spanked at.

- - -

BJM takes the stage again, a few seconds ahead of Healthnet's Sutherland. But, Priority Health got big Zirbel on the podium, too ... so, they are stoked. ToC form shining bright, baby.

The TT was as close to flatline as your going to find. I think Sattley has more elevation change in it. This was a true TT specialists course and it showed. The top of the leader boards can all be called quality racers against the clock.

BennyJ will have a good amount of time to play with over Sutherland in tomorrow's crit ... and with a full squad at his disposal, i think it will be the day for da'BJM to make it official with his first NRC stage race title in a couple years. It's just raining for that boy.

Redlands? bring that shit.

- - -

Thorburn crushed it for the women. I think i was only a handful of seconds faster than her ... le' ouch. But, impressive was Colavita's Dotsie Bausch ... less than 20 seconds off the win. That's a pretty damn big jump in her TT riding over the winter. I had heard she'd put in big time on the discipline ... but, that's just a stellar effort.

But, i'll say the biggest surprise (and what a pleasant one) was the return of Katheryn Curi to the podium for an NRC event. Less than a minute down on her winning teammate, and setting herself up to take home some cash for GC, as well. That's so good to see. Last year Curi fought injury and it's cool to see such a hip cat back on form.

- - -

The Cat 2 event was won by some big fast guy ... but, i'll head over to Fanelli's to hear the scoop.

- - -

In the geezer division ... i got it handed to me something fierce. But still, i can't be too disappointed with strapping a set of clip-ons on and racing against the fast guys. The Disco Hellman smoked a fat one and his time was probably top-20 in the pro/1. Spine's Hutchinson showed his Valley of the Sun TT was no fluke and was only 18 seconds off the win.

But, both those guys have to survive Sunday's crit. And let me just say ... it's gonna be hell out there for them. If they want this win, they're gonna have to earn it. The hard way ... cuz' it's war out there tomorrow.

- - -

And, want to throw a shout out to the Bellas for strong performances. Mary Maroon was very fast on a total retro setup ... no bars or goochie wheels ... just pure horsepower. Good result for her. Tracie Nelson had some mechanical issues with the crap clip-ons i lent her, but sucked it up and finished. And, Heidi Horton, the lil' Ninja Ryan Hostetter, and Bunny rode their asses off in the worst conditions of the day. I think there was an omnipresent headwind out there for them.

they're studs.

And Styler was sexy ... as always.

- - -

mo' later.


Velo Bella said...


Where's my email?

Velo Bella said...



X Bunny said...

my ass said:

talking strategy for tomorrow's crit with the other 3/4 bellas while sipping on my ben & jerry's cookies and cream milkshake is all good and tastey

until you hit stair 21 (out of 28) up to the hotel room

marscat said...

go øV, styler and bellas!

McSassy said...

My stout was GOOD! So was my Honey Wheat......

Time for bed ;)

Gotta be up at 4:30am to go set up the crit.

I'm seeing a nap in my day tomorrow, or not.

Good times and Bunny sorry about my weather forcasting or lack of for that matter.


little lambs eat ivy said...

go critters...