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Thursday, March 01, 2007


  1. when designing your kit ...

    please consider what our eyes will be drawn to.

    i mean, i really don't need to be staring at Gilmore's crotch any more than i usually do.

  2. i'm just going to say it ... there are things a cat3 or 4 bike racer just doesn't know.

    and, sometimes ... they talk some serious shit.

    cool folks, and all ... but, every once in awhile ... words poop out asses.

    it just irks me when folks set themselves up as authorities without doing the time in the trenches, that's all ... especially if they need to take pot shots at people to set themselves up.

    case of kettle calling pot 'black?' ... you decide.

  3. "On Wednesday, UCI president Pat McQuaid re-iterated that the ProTour teams were not allowed to participate in the upcoming Paris-Nice stage race as it will this year be a national event, and threatened them with "heavy sanctions" if they chose to start. One day later, it's Tour de France organiser ASO's turn to threaten the teams - this time going one step further: the participation in Paris-Nice might affect the teams' entry in all ASO-organised events, including the Tour de France." CN

    ... little dick wars are soooo boring.

  4. der' FunkDaddy ranted about this a week back ~ it was the total shun vsNooze gave Cyclocross Natz this year.

    i didn't know what to say back when he posted it, i still don't ... other than "don't drop the soap, VN."

  5. Speaking of Cross ... I still haven't vid'd "Pure Sweet Hell".

    i think it's time i ordered up one of those.

    ... hmm, is it too early to start looking for cross frames?


Brent Chapman said...

interesnting you brough up that spot on the kit. I thought at first.. what a horrible idea. But then I saw a picture of a gal with all white in the crotch, but it was stained brown from the dirt on the saddle. It was far worse.

Nick said...

Never to early to look for CX frames. Cx is 365 baby!

ummm. Gilmore SPICY!

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

mmmm ... stained chamois ...

Anonymous said...

Huh, Cross frames? I bet you've been thinking about a new revision of the bee suit outfit. Now that was cute.

Velojuice said...

Altezza 40 baby! OV you know we want you like creamsicle in an August heatwave. CX is a lifestyle!

Chris said...

As per Gilmore's cooter: Define 'usually'

Nome Agusta said...

Did I miss something?

lauren said...

cross frames! for shizzle me little tizzle!

we recently ordered up some of them rock lobster thangs. 3 of them in fact.

and go watch that movie now!

captain sassy pants said...

Its sad that I have that movie and you havent seen it :(

Hopefully I am not that cat3/4 guy your talking about.

Johnny Sprocket said...

Love #2 on your list. I'm surprised I made it to #2, after being temporarily blinded by #1. That agro attitude is almost enough to make me despise road racing. If not for the competitiveness and the size of the fields, I think I'd steer clear of the whole debacle. Also, me and Gianni on the break this weekend at the McLane/Pacific Road Race presented by Merco Credit Union. You heard it here first. No smack talk either. Just balls to the wall cat 4 racing. 19mph average and everything. It's going to be great.

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

you sexy bitch ... go get it.

McSassy said...

I like everything about this post starting and ending with #1 :)


Dr. X said...

I've been in the cat 4 trench too long to talk smack anymore. As in before there was a cat 5. Can't be me... but, puhlease, let Johnny & Gianni get it onny!

funkdaddy said...

BTW, just a follow-up to the VeloSnooze thing...VN editor Kip Mikler left some enlightening comments.

Apparently he's a pretty important guy...