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Friday, March 16, 2007

pay rates

Exeter Time Trial and Visalia Crit are on order for the big NRC guns.

This has got to be the only $40K payout for a TT and Crit in the history of the universe. I mean, $10K payout for BOTH the men and women in each event? What do you get for winning the TT ... like $2500?

that's f'ing sweet.

- - -


Well, I'm surprised not to see Webcor's Thorburn or Colavita's Bausch on the start list. Makes me wonder if they're not going to show up last minute and squeeze in on those final slots. As the start list stands right now, I think the obvious favorite has to be TMobile's World Champ, Anderson. But, she pulled out of CVC's TT and was a no-show for the crit ... and I never heard what happened to her ~ injury? sickness? ran out of chamois creme? I was very curious to see how she would run in that CVC TT.

But other riders I'm going to be watching are Cheerwine's Leigh Hobson and Betina 'BamBam' Hold. Both are coming off hard racing in the southern hemisphere and might just have enough recovery from the jetlag to push through a top-level effort.

For the men?

Who can not bet on big BJM right now? He's on huge form and riding with all the confidence a team leader needs. But, this isn't a stage race TT and there will be specialists to contend with. The ever-present Chris Baldwin will be there, riding his usual TT (boooorring ...). But, I'd also be looking at the other Toyota rider, Burke Swindlehurst. He's a guy who can storm a big TT if there's elevation gain in it and, after seeing him chase hard at the Merco crit a few weeks back, i think he might have something juicy in those legs.

Of course there's the Wohlberg. The guy is still riding on anger from having to stick on a canadian team and I think he's going to be podium on this one. Good, maybe he'll put a few more dollars into that pimped little sportscar of his.

And locally, i'm interested to see how the geezers fair against the big guns. I think all three will be in the money, but it will be cool to watch who takes home the bragging rights. Marco Hellmen for the discogeezers, Mike Hutchison for Spineys, and 'da BagBoy Dan Martin will all be blowing snot out on the course in measurements. Should be good times.

As for the crit ~

I'd love to see that women's crit. Cheerwine has a full 8-rider squad with VanGilder the BodyBuilder in attendence. And, strangely missing from the start list is the Lipton squad or Colavita's Tina Pic.


But, big sprinters are all over the place with TMobile having Oenone Wood stateside and in hard-charger form. They've also got that little powerhouse de Goede in their holster, too. They were a well-drilled, aggressive team at CVC last weekend and I have to call them the favored team to pull out a win.

To do so, however, they'll have to overcome a fast-learning Brooke Miller. She hasn't been out of the top-5 in any of her bunch sprints thus far this year ... and i don't see that changing for this event. UNLESS, teams like Aaron's or Webcor can finally get a break going away. Personally, I'd like to see Webcor's Rais given free leash to attack the crap out of that crit.

Get everyone represented ... then win that shit out of the break.


Benjaminiac said...

most of the big guns are doing the San Dimas Smog Race as breathing in bad air for several days in a row should be good for their form. it's like altitude training without having to leave LA.

I, on th other hand, am ALL ABOUT a $10,000 time trial.

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

did Swanton with no bars, wheels, no silly hat and a jacket in the back pocket.

straight up Cannibal.

... and i looked at the clock, finishing 28:03.

how the fuk you go 26:13?

that's just stoopid fast.
- - -

go cash them checks.

diskzero said...

Merckx style, baby.

I once saw a passenger and two bikes emerge from that little car of Wohlberg's. It was a neat trick.

trac said...

you did a time trial with no wheels? Well no wonder you were so slow.

Janelle E. said...

i'm telling you, aaron's is gonna have a break out race...and kat carroll's gonna be off the front. yeah i'm biased, so what. mr. h - new to your blog, but major applause for your dedication.

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

yes, Aaron's was showing good form at the CVC crit.

and, you never know about Gomez cranking off a good TT, too.

But, in that crit ~ it's going to take a smart (or lucky) break to stick.

everyone will have to be happy with the makeup ... or, there'll need to be one helluva good engine in that move stomping pace.

very cool.

banks said...

VNews needs to hire you as a freelancer. And put some ads on this thing. I'll fukkin click 'em.

bbElf (a.k.a. panda) said...

I wanna gooooooooooo...

bθθts said...

im calling allison powers and bjm for the tt.

the crit, that's a straight up fast-person course. crapshoot field sprint.

Benjaminiac said...

i did the 26:13 with a merckx bike (brand and style) and skinsuit and TT helmet. why did no one tell me there was a pre-season swanton!?! i would have loved to do it...i think i'm gonna do it on the pursuit bike (fixie TT) to see what i could do on that...