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Saturday, March 17, 2007


Good times today in the hood, today.

Very good women's field today, both in the 4's and the p1/2/3. Field sprints for both races, but it was close to cracking in both events.

Our own Bunny took a huge dig with a K to go and was oh, so to cracking the bands. But, the field went ballistic up into the headwind section and then it was a full sprint royale. Julie Nevitt of San Jose won it with a good margin ... even sprinting on her tops and seated!

In the 1/2/3 race ... there was a ton of hot Bella action launching off the front, but none of the other teams wanted to play along too much. Most of the riders looked to wanting a field sprint, i guess.

I've got some pics of the racing, but i'm on cooking Davey's mac-eeng-tosh and won't be up to upload for a bit.

We BagBoys ended up taking both the 35's and the p1/2 races. so, yippee for us.

right on ... silly post ~ but if there isn't too much vino slammed during dindin tonite, there will be attempts at tickling towards giggles.


alicat said...

sunday could be a bellamint day cause we like to play and they like to play. i'm looking forward to a playdate.

bbElf (a.k.a. panda) said...

I wanted to play but no one would let anyone join up. Poop.

Thanks for cheers!

marscat said...

congrats michael and looked so good.

Ippoc Amic said...

bagboys rule...

Chico Cyclist said...

How'd it go at the Zamora race yesterday???

Hooptie said...

Hernando the Pro!