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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

howler's ATM

the wind is pushing through the sCruz today something fierce.

as i jogged out of the office to grab spandex and nip the bike out the door, thoughts of overlapping wheels and great gusts of wind pushing little anaerobic minds into each other flew, unwanted, through imagination ... like so many ejected water bottles careening back and forth across the mind's eye.

but, i needed the quick and dirty workout, so braved the tuesday grouper out hwy 1 way. As i rolled up, a very cool bloke recounted how last week he was riding in the late afternoon and got swiped by a car going fitty. Amazingly, the brudda got off with only bumply bruises and actually ended up riding his bike today with some decent top-end.

jaysus ... that's nutz.

still ~ not the thing you want to hear right before starting a group ride with 25+mph crosswinds that buffet your threading of the pacific coast highway. But, as the group pedaled by, i was pleased to see it was the core veterans of the steady wheel and sound decision making crew - so knew it'd be a safe, fun hour out on the bike.

i was happy.
- - -

This chick Kat Tobin is a monster. I can't say she's fluid like buttah on a bike, but what power! She's just downhome big meat when she pedals ... she reminds me of Hinault - all grit, determination, and fight. She was following a thin, darkly colored beauty up the climb, clawing on his wheel like there was no tomorrow. Tenacious.

After the climb, we had to drop down from the heights of BoonyDoon to meet the ocean again. The winds were throwing branches at us the entire descent and i was shocked to see how fast Sadoff can drop down a hill. He said it was the belly he's put on ... but, i've left big boys behind on descents many a time and ... Sadoff had more than gravity giving him speed - he was just carving through stone, i tell ya.

Once back on the highway, it was the 12t boogie the entire shot home. I think we covered a 10k section there in under 11 minutes. But, can't be sure 'cuz mostly i was just concentrating on keeping big Skully's wheel. gawdamit ... that boy can pump out a gear full steam if he puts his back into it.

All made it back to town safe ~ with a nice fat deposit of speedwork into the bank accounts.

... kinda makes me look forward to the next opportunity for withdrawals.


Anonymous said...

I am jealous you fukk'r

Ippoc Amic said...

I am a jealous weeny...gonna sit on the trainer cuz' it's cold and windy...maybe I'll drink some Vino...oops, I mean watch Vino... or both...

Ludwig Von Auffderbach said...

Wasn't there a lady racer back in the eighties named Kathryn Tobin?
Seems to me I remember that name
alonside those of Rebecca Twigg Whitehead, Connie Paraskevin Young,
or however it's spelled, Inga Thompsen, etc.etc. If that's her, it's no wonder she smoked those hills.

McSassy said...

Thats her. Sexy bad ass to this day.


diskzero said...

Wind was something else tonight.
Good for in your face sprint training.

Anonymous said...

please leave femur jokes at the door