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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

hotties of the moment

It was going to be hotties of the week ...
but, you know how i don't maintain schedules too well ~


The first time i saw Zwizanksi was in some middle-of-summer crit in the nowhere's of NorCal. He and Hamby were riding for the old SierraNevadaKodak team and were in a break of 6 or so. This was before da'PAB and i were tied at the hip and he was in the break, too.

Zwizzle was taking huge pulls to keep our move away and protect his teammate. I, of course, was attacking the shit out of them trying to bust them up and isolate one of them in a 2nd break. Didn't work ~ cuz, Z can sit at the front and put out 2000 watts for about 5 hours straight.

Why he's hot? He kills himself. He loves the pain. He sacrifices for his 'mates like few I've seen. He was huge to keep BJM in the leaders jersey in that rough and tumble Tower crit.

I remember a year at Redlands where we'd both flatted out at some point early in the Oak Glen stage and were trying like all fuk to chase back on over that swoopy reservoir section where the speeds stay ballistic. The dude was pulling haaaard. We'd keep grabbing boys who got popped off the pack ... for like 70 miles ... all the while him up there yanking away at mach 2. And then, when we hit the slopes of Oak Glen and all the rest of us imploded ... there he went, mashing up the grades like he'd just been loosed from the cannon.

- - -

Felicia Gomez (Greer before Gus made an honest woman of her)

What I like about Felicia is her fight. She wants to hit the races full gas, no matter what. She's feisty and fiery and spits vinegar every chance she gets.

Dinuba last year she jumped into our geezer race and showed off what a little pocket rocket she is. She was riding for Webcor at the time and i remember drilling it at the front for a bit, looking back over my shoulder and thinking i was opening up the gap ... but really, it was just me looking over Felicia as she was tucked down under my saddle smiling up at me with a bit of ~ let's go, darling ... mama needs a good workout here.

I think she's got a PhD in something'er other, too ... so, there's the whole brainiac thing going for her sexy-peal, too. But mostly, it's the fact that she attacks the crap out of races that shoots her into the hotties of the moment category.

It is the racers who risk, who throw themselves out there into the chaos that burble up my juices.

double rwowrrr...


PAB(a.k.a.CID) said...

Yikes, i remember that race like it was yesterday. Olaf was rippin legs off that day, as always.

Zwizanski has sure continued to progress since then. Glad to see it, he is a very good and selfless rider.

And Felicia's got a pretty darn cool hubby going for her, too.

yellowbug said...

Hot pic of Felicia!

bbElf (a.k.a. panda) said...

Who says an "...of the week" feature has to appear every week? I must have missed that part.

Felicia, the little spitfire, totally bowled me over at San Ardo last year -- she's so spunky.

tim said...

scott is one of those never say die guys. worked w/ him for a couple of years w/ kgsn. great guy, and getting stronger all the time.

PROMANgirl said...

ScHOT Z - a PROMAN fav for sure, love his teamies Garrett, Ben and Emile too

megA said...

ScottieZZZZZZZZZ has been my hero since I watch him pull and pull and pull and look all comfy and cozy doing it--and that was back in the day of
Snow Valley.

I just love that guy!!

Scottydoesn'tknow! said...

I like Shcotty. But, I like him more when he has short hair. And as for him looking comfortable while putting out watts...I strongly disagree. When Scotty unleashes the fury he usually has a wicked saddle bob with his heel flopping out all the while slobering and snotting all over the place. Not to mention that horrible odor that seems to follow him around whenever he is in an enclosed space with others or in front of me in a paceline.

But, yeah, he's awesome. He gives it all and loves doing it.

The best thing is he doesn't even know!

For more on scotty go to youtube and search for the "scotty doesn't know video".