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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

the Tour, baby

It's Tour of Cali time, folks.

and ... i'm ready for some US dawgs to race big.

I don't know how much bennyJ has been secret training ... but I'm hoping his stint on the track in Aussie-land and the subsequent miles o' climbs down home have put him in fine form.

One thing I do know ... the other US based riders are fukkal ready.

Let the fireworks flare.

and then there's the international units. BeTiny says that US riders go down well like a nice chianti ... so, i'm hoping he gets it spanked.

"Tuesday I go from La California to California," joked Bettini to La Gazzetta dello Sport. "The wines they have copied are good. We will see about the riders."

And there's even Disco-Danielson ... on fire with his TT rig, apparently spanking a low-brow TT in the old country. But, is he racing ToC? Can he put it together against the likes of his own teamie, the Levinator?

and wait a minute ... can we talk about Leipheimer for a moment.

brother, if you're paid that much money ... get some fukking hair plants, yo.

and a wall hanging.


Ippoc Amic said...

BeTiny-classic... and what about the fava beans...

no need for a hair plant when there is always a hat for free...

marscat said...

it's his garage...wall hangings on a garage is just gey.

nosajpalnud said...

seems like a lot of pro riders lose their hair......hmmm wonder why

The Sage said...'s a weight issue...hello

Anonymous said...

Bettini's got Tosatto - that is so cool...Tosatto was the awesome lead out for Petacchi in ex-Fassa

it will be a very exciting race with so many bigger players this year compared to last year...

I can't wait!

Nrjetik1 said...

HaHaHa...hmmm premature hair loss in elite athletes? Everyone knows after a while you can only count so many calories and lose so much body fat. The hair has got to goooooo.

Gianni said...

Clippers, dude.

If you can't let the locks curl out of the helmet and ruffle the collar like OV or my man NP, save the bucks and quit frontin' like that's hair.
Maybe there's a giant Toshiba in front of the rollers that we can't see..
Cause if he's just riding in that garage with no entertainment...
That's too hardcore for me to even think about.

Olaf Vanderhoot said...


nosajpalnud said...

isn't it a lack of nutrients and or protein vs. a just a weight issue?

hair loss is a possible effect of steroid although I'll admit that its probably not the main cause and pubmed does not have any studies that I could find

think I'll keep eating :)

Chris said...

calendars with naked girls holding beer for the Leipmeister!

trac said...

can we get a pictureof Odessa in there for comparison? You retitle the post "The Bald and the Beautiful", or something lame like that.

Brent Chapman said...

Dang.. no wonder I have so much hair.

Dr. X said...

Pro sightings: Tuesday noon ride we saw the Navi's & BJMs own Priority Health workin' the Calaveras grade. Wonder what the Navis thought when passed by lil Nomie on his TT rig followed soon by me and some other dorks? we did get some good-natured cat-calls... and a healthy wave back from BJM & crew.