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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

short shot of geezer juice

I really don't like Cherry Pie (slut metal bands excluded, of course).

- - -

With only da'PAB, Pasconator, and me on the start line ... i knew we were going to be in for a world of hurt. And, sho'nuff ~ off the front went an early break that looked doomed for us. Spine had 3 in it, a Disco's Nolan and Laberge, leaneyReaney of the Giant Starburries, SteveGargantuous of StanleyMorgan, and EMC's Nat Parks.

That pretty much sucked for us.

So, we took turns smashing the pack in the face with hard accelerations or long pulls. I was not having a good time. Luckily there were lots of dudes willing to put a stake in the break and the gap was finally covered.


For the duration of the race, there would be strong hits from many different riders. I can't tell you how uncomfortable I was. These fukking Geezer squads are super organized and entirely too motivated to train and whoop on each other. In the end, Laberge won it with a fair bit of class. He's pert near unbeatable in that sprint unless he throws his hands up too early ;)


X Bunny said...

that was a trivia question the announcer gave a prize for to the crowd

"who lost the p/1/2 race 2 yrs ago by celebrating too early"

so who beat him?

Anonymous said...


Steven Woo said...

X Bunny said...

that's who pab guessed
figured he was the only one likely

Hick said...

I dont know but I love dem geezer races.

nosajpalnud said...

i remember that pic from last year - ooops

OV - You catch who got 2nd yesterday?

Jumping on your wheel and then tryin to close with 4 to go was the last match in the book

Merkeley Bike said...

I really don't like Cherry Pie...

The food or the race? Sour cherries perhaps? ;)

Thanks for the great re-por-tage.

Anonymous said...

Jandy Donker-bonk loves to recover with Geezer Juice

jAndy donka-donk said...

If I was old enough I wouldn't be riding elites, I would be Dylan's snuggle bunny on the road....

Looks like my bitter anon is back...

I missed yooooooo

Anonymous said...

you know I'm just f'n with ya!

I am still feel'n salty from the bitch slap you delivered in my third hour of wet crit on Sat.

I am healing though.... :)

Good luck this weekend f'er!!

Anonymous said...

I was at cherry pie and I didn't hear that trivia question, FFS. Nobody guessed it? Hmmpf. No respect.

FYI- He didn't lose because he threw his hands. I was coming around him anyway. Throwing his hands up was a formality...

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

that's the sass we know and love from the Briggs.

fukker's probably already secret training.

Anonymous said...

Did you expect otherwise? - PB

*whispered from a secret location*