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Saturday, February 24, 2007


the Senling ... i mean, Snelling road race was today.

I gotta admit, love racing on closed roads ... even if we have to pass fields all day long. But, when you're in a break ... much smoother to do.

Here's a pic of the women's p1/2 breakaway ~ Courtenay from Value Act, E. Zell from ProMan, Jill McLaughlin of Touchstone, and a Tibco rider i think named Breanne?

They went away on lap two and powered all through the day. On the last lap, the Touchstone rider got away and solo'd it in for the win. Impressive.

I look forward to hearing an insider's story on how that turned out.

good racing out there today. full fields all over the place, good sun, just enough wind to make it challenging but not enough to stop super high speeds.



velogirl said...

and didn't you win? congratulations!

PAB(a.k.a.CID) said...

yes he won!

now, how about those Bellas, how'd they do in the later races??

Flandria said...

so you were taking pictures, in a break and won...animal!

X Bunny said...

you spelled senlling wrong

bǿǿts said...

"senlling"... that will forever be a Velo Porno classic....

Courtenay said...

nice photo!
i am biased of course.
and thanks so much for cheering, very motivating for sure as i was grovelling and drooling away.
the tibco girl was katie lambden.
and not to ruin the story with more facts: it was technically a four way sprint, we came away from the last corner all lined up together. yours truly was in fourth for some dumb reason but next time, next time...

alicat said...

you pulled off a great win and a great fist pump when you came by me today. thanks for that. sorry you missed the case-o-metromint in the parking lot. i guess maybe it's a second best to a case-o-brew. maybe.

Olaf Vanderhoot said...


damn, i gotta get better info ;)

need to practice my YBTimes interviewing skills.

Anonymous said...

also fun was picking tacks out of my tires when i got home! hooray for the locals!

congrats again on your win mike!

Ippoc Amic said...

Nice pictures OV...

le petit lutin said...

Yeah...I heard that Hernando won the race!!!

Great job!

nosajpalnud said...

after we chatted I knew you were going to attack....but it was not my job to be up there that early yesterday

you guys must have suffered hard in that break - congrats

Nome Agusta said...

Nice race yesterday. A lot of folks got spat out of that 100 man pack. Sometimes riding near the front is as much of a TT effort as riding in a break. Got suffer it out even if in the gutter.

Good practice for the real race next weekend and the Stage Race down in Fresberg.

PROMANgirl said...

Just to give Emily Zell, PROMAN well deserved props - she drove the break worked hard encouraging the others to work the break, Courtney worked hard too, Jill M, Touchestone, bridged and worked as hard as Emily to keep it away, tough work with a strong peleton on your heels, Jill squeaked past emily at the line. Great job Emily for taking a chance and attacking so early in the race, it paid off!