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Wednesday, February 21, 2007


... cuz it's raining and i got shit done at work yesterday and crap is piling up and there's no way i'll get anything done once that lyve coverage kicks into gear:

  1. ToC ~ it's the stage, today.

    There's a slight drizzle covering the NorCal coast today. Not cold enough to shut down bodies, but wet and crap enough to make for some epic pictures out there today.

    I asked super nicey-nice for the woman to ride her workout today instead of driving over to watch the stage pass by. She said she would ... but, she doesn't really have to.

    it's the Tour, baby. go have fun.

  2. Look at this f'ing profile ...

    think the fireworks are gonna fly?

    it'll be mayhem out there.

    absolute frickin' mayhem.

  3. finally got to see Hell on Wheels last night.

    if you haven't yet?

    strongly recommended.

    Zabel and Aldag ... you'll love them.

  4. BJM dropped his chain briefly in the prologue.

    ... holey shyte.


PAB said...

ah, so he got a little adrenalin rush going into the climb. excellent.

rainy? It is sunny and clear here this morning. My spies say it is clear in Stockton too...I wonder where they will ride into the muck....or if it is only mucky in the SC...or if it is really drizzling where you are or if you just need more coffee to clear your vision....

Anonymous said...

Go Ben! He should have been in gold yesterday and today's start!

Last year, Levi cracked in San Jose...let's see him crack again!

It will be tough today. Priority Health guys crashed yesterday in the technical descent down Trinidad Rd, I hope they are okay. Disco's been pulling hard for a couple of days and controlling the race but the question is, will this last?

The top 6-7 GC has a very short leash on the gold jersey and I hope that changes today!

Slipstream was a surprise to me this year as well as that Alan Davis (Aussie) from Disco - he use to be from Liberty Seguros.

The Sage said...

Patterson Pass is gonna be epic. My best friend's dad used to work the Windmills out there. He was the head engineer for them. He said the wind has gotten to 135mp before. I'm telling ya we could see a 125 dude get blown off his bike at the
Then after that it's Sierra Road.

russellp said...

You guys watched "Hell on Wheels". Mmm, good movie...

I watched "Quicksilver". Ouch.

bbElf (a.k.a. panda) said...

Rolf & Zabel are just the cutest little things ever. I just love watching the two of them interact; Erik must be heartbroken now that his buddy has retired...

Nick said...

Hell on wheels... fantastic flick. I always was a big Zabel fan, even more so now.

Down and dirty bike racing good stuff!