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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

get it over with

sometimes, i hate recovery days.

but, i don't train enough to not need them. For all who know (which is a select few, i have to think) ... the VeloPromo President's Weekend races are one of the best training blocs around. Cantua is a slugfest on flat country roads where you're forced to put that ass on the saddle and pound out big watts, often times in huge winds. And, it's a tactical race. AND, it's got one helluva a finishing roller that beats the living crap out of you.

i love that race.

Pine (not-so) Flat is a classic point-to-point road race that gives you ample opportunity to drive hard on the flats and/or dig deep on 15% gradients. Oh, some of those last climbs are BRUUTAL. Beautiful course, good roads, repaired cattleguards, and always strong fields showing up ... even if smaller in number.

Then there's the Dinuba crits where you need the whole package to win. It's a long, drag race sprint and there are some decently challenging cornerings to negotiate for position. It's an attackers race and you can throw your legs into the fire if you want to test it, or sit in and get pack riding experience and work on leg speed.

But most of all, it's 3 days straight of quality race miles ... in early February.

- - -


diskzero said...

And I missed them all...
Where did my motivation go?

le petit lutin said...

dang...hopefully next year!!!