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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

work instead

this morning, all i wanna do is flood my senses with it,
breaking out the TT bike and pounding myself into oblivion.


Paul Carter said...

First time caller, errr commenter, and just started reading as well. I was sorta with you up until now, but if you're a Tool fan, then I'm totally with ya! Regardless, keep up the scribblins. See you on the road...

X Bunny said...

time trial bars....
where are my time trial bars?

Anonymous said...

olaf is a tool!

Ooops I typed that :)

I sold my TT bike, took me a while to find out I sucked at it.


Olaf Vanderhoot said...

paul ~ right on. i know the pieces fit.

xbun ~ uh, do i have them?

hick ~ slow pitch successful. what about madera?

X Bunny said...

i think pab hid them

Anonymous said...

hey MS, ain't that the beauty of the TT? I mean you can suck at road racin' and you get shelled, but with the TT it's just you and the clock. Even if you suck (relative to winners), you can still get faster (relative to self).

At least that's what I keep telling myself....

Anonymous said...

Well to be honest I only sold it so I could get a new cooler TT rig.

I'm silly like that.

But I still suck at it, kinda. But I love the suffering.


Anonymous said...

yeah, well you suck bad enough to beat me. By more than a minute. It's all relative.