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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

vegas = sphincter pinch

oh christ ... somebody wants to throw a coupla races on at Vegas while Interbike spins its greazy-ass wheels.

lord have mercy ... a twilight crit in Vegas. i can see the beer tent hooligagizm now ... and approve thoroughly.

the other race they want to do is cross:

"We're hoping match to match some Vegas flair in to what has been historically been a somewhat stoic activity," Grealish said. "Maybe we can add a little twist. Instead of a straight up 'cross race, it will be a big party with a race in the middle of it." [thank VsNooze for quality editing]

yeah, right - you'll get those Vegas air-conditioned fuks to risk their precious 12 blades of grass for a "bicycle event." A dirt crit is what that'll be ... if it happens.

- - -

gawdammit ... i really never wanted to go Interslut again.

but ...


velogirl said...

I quit going to the bike show a few years ago (because it interferes with cross season) but this might be enough motivation to bring me back.

Anonymous said...

Sunset park is huge and really has a ton of grass despite the reporting. No hills and not many trees, but lots of grass and softball fields and soccer fields.

I cannot see shutting down the strip even for two hours for a race... but then it would be on a Thursday night... If on the Strip, my bet is that the course would be near and north of the Stratosphere, through the "Naked City."

They (gov't) pretty much hate bikes in Vegas, tho. Drive to any newer neighborhood built in the last ten years and look for a bike lane. Or a shoulder. Pack a lunch, you'll be looking for quite a while.

Velo Bella said...

I don't care if they are doing a nekkid podium boy crit....I ain't going to Vegas.

Anonymous said...

I'm no sphincter man so I aint going either.

Hey Hernando, could you tell me why you bailed on the Spines in favor of the Bag Boys? I never did learn of that story.

worldbtom said...

Well if the CX race is like this one it would be sweet! Maybe you can add a feature like this to next years Surf City madness?

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

that vid is candy to the lips.

hell yeah.

- - -

and ... they wear black.

Anonymous said...

color is the only reason?

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

i really dug my year with Spine. those were damn good times.

but ~ me and da'PAB clicked. we're like in love n' stuff.

and bunny is what it's all about.

... and black.

PAB said...

you're still not getting my bud light...

banks said...

Jamie Paolinetti opened at 4 to 1.

Anonymous said...

Cool. I like black, but not my colors at the moment.

Like the Dynamic Duo. Geat pair.

Who's Robin?

Anonymous said...

oh, I get it. You were not getting enough of that spanyard jug wine from Hutch.