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Friday, January 12, 2007

it's the girl's b-day

and i'm quite excited to give her a present.

but, she's gonna be pissed.

... cuz she has to wait until tomorrow

for at least one of them.

~ saucy little minx.


Anonymous said...

Happy Bella B-day

On a side note Bosch la'fem had their baby boy this am. Davis is his name and I'm sure pappa is gonna have him on a bike asap.

Good day for a party.


Anonymous said...

I'm re-gifting:

Happy Birthday!

MoJito said...

Gin, you cheap ass. You can't regift for a birthday! Only holidays are appropriate for regifting. And in case you haven't heard, she's not YOUR schmoopy any more. Eh hem!

Oh ya, I wish a Bella Birthday Bubble to the Bee.

Anonymous said...

Look at that Booty! You are one lucky animal Hernando!

Go at it, and dont stop unti you crest the hill and are railing the twisty descent!

Pedal, pedal, pedal.........

and then pop a wheelie when your done!

Happy Birthday to Bella
Happy Birthday to Bella
Happy Birthday Dear Bella
Happy Birthday to YOU

Anonymous said...

good thing she gets more than one pressie...multiple presents are very good...

Velo Bella said...

He gave me sprints

thats not what I wanted....

Anonymous said...

Have a good one Queen Bella!
We'll bring some wine back from Paso Robles!