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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

"it felt like trying to pass a cheesey-bavarian"

i'm gonna need a week's vacation to recover from this weekend.


- - -

well, first-like, what's up with VsNooze having no coverage of Summerhill kickin' the teeth out of the europoofters this past week? The boy is snatching Belgian podiums like they was frites n' mayonaise and ... not a peep from VN.

And, Vardaros went two top-10's over there, too. And how about an interview with Trebone to see if he's gonna get over his illness and be able to race againt the giants?

christ, that rag sucks ass sometimes.

- - -

ok, rant pee'd out.

now, i've got an admission to make. for the first time in my life, i actually consumed enough tequila, viking horn 'o plenty mead, and homespun brewski in one evening to actually have a black out.

sometime after '07 began, my memory goes fogbottomed and I only remember waking up in bed the next morning ... still drunk. (by the way, best way to avoid a hangover is, apparently, to remain inebriated ... oy).

the good news?

it appears that i am not one of those belligerent drunks that i've always thought i might be. instead, i was a needy chocoholic ... begging sabine for more chocolate fondue.

the bad news?

christ ... i blacked out. that is sooooo frightening. to have no recollection of probably an hour of my life? no bloody way.

that's gonna be scaring me away from alcohol for quite some time.


bbElf (a.k.a. panda) said...

Those freak me out...only had two back in the day...shiver. Glad to know you woke up in your own bed without a big fuzzy dude they call the Nuzzler.

Ippoc Amic said...

ooh...this is your first...ever, consider yourself lucky...hope you feel better...

Anonymous said...

i think i've blackout a couple of times...

one time involved driving my car home. i didn't recall getting in the car, only pulling into my empty parking space and blurting, "where's my car?"...forgetting i was in it.

which is scary and dangerous on many levels.

hope you're feeling better.

Anonymous said...

"quite some time" = 5-6 days?

le petit lutin said...

yeap...that's scary!!!

Anonymous said...

did you earn yourself the not-so-coveted (and thankfully rare) two-day hangover?

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

"quite some time" = 5-6 hours.

panda ~ nuzzler ... good times.

ippoc & marscat ~ oh, i feel fine now. we went on an uber-easy pedal down to GG park on the 1st and then Sabine and i had some yummy chinese food last night. i'm right as rain and ready to pedal hard on today's workout.

lutin ~ i never want anything close to that happening again.

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

vdawg ~ know what's crazy?

i never really believed that someone could wake up in a foreign bed and have had "primal moments" with someone ... and not have any memory of it.

you know, that cinematic moment of sheets pulled over eyes in surprise and embarrassment when waking in a strange bed with a stranger co-inhabitant?

but New Year's eve ... apparently Amy broke out the chocolate AND ice cream fondues.

and i guess i ate like a gluttonous pig of the sweet darkness.

... with no memory of it, whatsoever.

Now, if i can eat chocolate and ice cream like a roman pig, and have no recollection of it?

sure as shit, i could fail to remember having sex.


nakedblogger said...

Mike was twisted. I heard I won the stage with the arrival for bed in a silken robe 2 sizes too small, but he put the effort in and pulled the peloton for hours. I think it was the double fisted shots of Patrone and the swigs of viking pillage nectar that did him in.

I sure hope someone got Anna trying to blow that viking horn!! That was hilarious..

oh.. my head hurts from thinking and laughing too hard..

I sometimes log on my blog naked on a plastic chair with the heat turned on full blast.

Velo Bella said...

the sad thing is, he doesn't remember you at our bedside with your kimono robe on

sooo zoolander

Ippoc Amic said...

racking up the choco calories unconsciously is a really good reason not to drink too much...

marscat-i drove the car home that night

Anonymous said...

You really want to have another beer and a chocolate bar.

Even better, you want chocolate beer.

You are unable to resist, FEAST FEAST FEAST!

aymsterh said...

A leash, a velevet coat, a bicycle pump and a camera - if that's what everyone left at my house, i want to know what other tricks (so to speak) you all had up your sleeves. And, yes, we have a picture of Ana with the viking horn and hat. Ana - bidding will begin at $500.

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

damn woman ... you know how to throw a party.

Grey said...

Just for kicks you could go listen to the Scorpions song "blackout." So rockin'.

I agree about v-news. It's inconsistent with how they like to cover the american roadies in europe. Headlining with Mayo for the Giro? Dude. CX in europe is in world's build up mode and it's more important to cover a guy who's a longshot for a stage race in 5 months? The way to generate more interest in and identification with the sport is to publicize the riders who are doing things in the major leagues right now. Is CX that unimportant?

Anonymous said...

Come on, everybody knows once the US Cyclocross Nats. are over the cross season ends in the USA.

Miss Mary said...

amy, et al...ana rarely checks the blogs, but I'll be sure to fill him in:-)

Miss Mary said...

and to everyone at amy's on sunday/monday

I'm sick

caught some cold and I've been out of it since last night so take your airborne...

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

if i get what Amy had ...

it'll still have been worth it.

get well fast, MM.

Aymsterh said...

Riiight - I think that's called a Hang-over...

Velo Bella said...

now you know why I was carrying my fondue stick around in my pocket.

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

if i get what Amy had ...

it'll still have been worth it.

get well fast, MM.

Anonymous said...

I hope you woke up like 10 lbs heavier. - K PattyMack

Miss Mary said...

btw amy, you so rock!!!

thanks again for everything.

Anonymous said...

No San Bruno! What are your other stategies for cleaning out the pipes?

I really don't know if your title refers to a euro CX technique to pass someone in the lead or some sort of weird bowel movement.

El Sexy Boy said...

Oh Amigo Amigo,

This was no Cinderella Party. Oh Hale no; At 1200 hrs we all turned into pumpkins and really started freaking our shit.

beer and wine flowed. Then came the mead. Then Steve called all of the men into the kiva and opened this metal drug dealer case and pulled out these three sacred bottles of, what was it, Pantera, Putinara? After evryone had three cudgels of that stuff the vision questing began.

Brent started recounting how he got mistaken for an american rock star in Russia, started talking about democracy on telivision and started a revolution and got his friends arrested or something like that.

Jeff Clark started playing taps on the drinking horn. We started philosifising and solved some shit.

Ana sat over in the corner like a Tibetan monk and Steve, well Steve just seemed to sit there dealing out shots of tequilla.

Michael woke up with chocolate all over his clothes (he saw some visions).

The girls were eating See's chocolate and Dave was swooning the laydees with some heart felt poetry.

What a great bikehike though.

Anonymous said...

dont kid yourself Hernando

i was with you when you had multiple blackouts in Reno with JF

your blackout has affected your memory too

X Bunny said...

so do you or do you not
remember having sex
with trex in the bunk beds in mammoth?

Chris said...

VN has no people in Belgium...only Spain at the moment...if anything, it's a staffing issue, not a question of priority...I guarantee you Neal and Kip are beating their heads against the wall for missing this...

..but as for the really should try and space it out, rather than cramming all your drunkenness into one's healthier and you come to really enjoy it!

Just two beers a day, or two glasses of wine...that's it!

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

from VN letters to:

Congrats and a prediction
Hey Velo!

Can we get a shout-out for Danny Summerhill? The kid's stepped on two cross podiums since heading for Europe last month, and more can't be far behind. I raced against him in the Cat 4 class three seasons ago; the next year he won the Cat 3 state champs; for the past two years he's been national champ in his class, and now he's showing the Belgians what for.

Write it down: Summerhill will be America's first 'cross world champion.

Philip Higgs
Boulder, Colorado

We have to assume, Philip, that you mean elite world champ', because good old Matt Kelly holds the distinction of being the first, wrapping up the junior title at the world's in Poprad, Slovakia, in 1999, the same year Tim Johnson scored the bronze in the U-23's race. Quite a weekend that was. - Editor

- - -

yeah, they really sound like they're kicking themselves for missing it.

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

and it's called the phone ... or even a modem.

or even, just scalping the damn story from CNews.