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Friday, January 26, 2007

cross hooge-vurlds

it's on this weekend ... Cross Worlds.

in belgium

in bad weather

incredibly happy to be living in the high-50's right now.
- - -
Compton = 5th
Page = 11th
Trebon = 15th


Chico Cyclist said...


Weird weather - It's still January and I actually saw people in shorts and t-shirts yesterday here in Chico. Crazy. Which makes me wonder.....what will spring and summer be like this year???

shawndoggy said...

Gotta say I was really enjoying all of the people in their ski parkas and hats (!?!) at Landpark to deal with those bitter low 60s.

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

chico - i think it's gonna be hell-blown rainy this spring. Anyone remember those McLane NRC openers a few years back that were done in sideways rain ... where only .... like 30 guys in the p/1 finished?

- - -

shawny ~ got an email from jenny today, she's pretty sure she'll get a place in the Auburn area to fight off the winters.

smart girl. cuz, them Reno winters are just warm/dry enough to allow some riding and waaaay too fukall freezing to make it anything but miserable.

but, seeing how ripping the Reno riders were at CalAggie ...

i'll stay soft, thanks very much.

Gianni said...

It's gonna be good.
I caught the cool video of last years' race on Peanut's blog- more runnin' than ridin' by the end of it.
Hell-blown rain= the way it should be.

Brent Chapman said...

and one of they boys there was complaining that our last surf city race was "stupid" for all the mud and running... hell what a perfect match to the worlds course....I didn't see much mud in the courses back east like that. They should thank us for the training.. pansies

Velo Bella said...

I thought he called it "retarded"

PAB said...

he probably meant returded.

after all, the "mud" in that corral was 90% horsie poop....

shawndoggy said...

There's a reason that 40 million people live in CA.... it's pretty darn nice all year round.

The Sage said...

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