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Saturday, January 27, 2007

boy got game

young Noble took it to World's this year, his first as an espoir.

haven't talked much to this cat, but i like the vibe he writes with and his pop seems like good limey stock ...

strong impressions.

i reckon there's more to being a professional bike rider than just going fast on a bike ... though that is a bit of a pre-requisite, no? There's also something about being level headed, cool under fire, ambitious but classy, cement-hard but appreciative of the sacrifices other make to help you out, passionate but mature, iron-willed but empathetic ... these are the qualities that make a true professional.

this boy's got as good a chance as any to forge that path.
He rode a long CX season this year ... and saw him out in some mtb results, too. It's a different game when you have to travel 3-5 hours for a bike race ... every time. And while it's true he's got good support from the Berry's and his core group ... it still wears on you.
Those euros have huge advantage.
But, he'll improve. I think he knows it's just bike riding.


Chris said...


Brent Chapman said...

i see summerhill got second in the Juniors. Dannng.

Limey Sod said...

Are you sure you don't have my son confused with someone else???
Thanks for the kind words...See you in Goleta...It's on!