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Friday, December 22, 2006


On the way to work today, re-heard that old x-mas elf-ologue that threw Sedaris into the lime.

I wanted to lean in and tell her, "i'm going to have you killed."

so sweet.

- - -

Anyway ~ I've been tagged by the xBun ... so, I'll have to dream up some shit for that game (which i think is cool). And you can bet your bottom that there will be fiction and non tossed in together on that one.

that's just how i roll.

I'm looking forward to taggin' others to continue the fun. The only rules i know of are, give out 5 things not known about you yet. or ... something like that. But, ya'll know i ain't one for rulery ~ so, prepare thyself.

- - -

AMD/Discoballs announced their amatuer squads yesterday. Yeah, their geezer squad will be stronger than the majority of p1/2 outfits in the land ... but, what i'm really pleased with is that they added in a bucketload of juniors.

that's cool.

And i know they'll probably only give them a kit, or two as assistance (and maybe some cash for Nationals, Lar? ... that'd be nice) ... but, it's the psychological boost that comes from wearing the big colors that will do a lot for these kids.

One of the kids, Micah Herman, is a favorite of mine. He's nerdy and silly and LOVES ridin' him some bike. He won Nevada City last year with nothing but pure courage. Now, he's going to be able to puff up and peacock around in the fancy pants. Believing a bit more in himself.

hell yeah.

... i better send an email to his dad to keep an eye out for increased helmet size, though.

Good stuff.

- - -

And lasty, it looks like Blogrollin' ain't gonna be automated no mo'.

I've got a plan to self-announce that your blog is newly scribbled upon and will post that after a few shuffles and harumpfs are done so it looks like i'm working.



McSassy said...

About the geezer squad..........

They have talent, as always.

The only real eye opener for me was Craig and Angerman. Good on em.

BUT strong yes, race as a team - yet to be seen.

Plus that coolio disco kit will just put a BIGGER target on anyone wearing it. I know you gotta love that.

Now when is that early bird rr?


nosajpalnud said...

good point MC - all good guys, but with all that ego will they be able to decide what to do?

OV - better get that training in the double digits

Anonymous said...

will miss the blog rolling...

and love sedaris.

Anonymous said...

Wow, that's a who's who on the master's end. Known about Jeff for a while but not all the others. Holy shnikies. But sometimes high expectations can be stiff competition in themselves.

As for the juniors, Fabian is a bit of a phenom too, though he certainly doesn't have (yet) Micah's good race sense. And if we're gonna give kudos, MAJOR PROPS to Mel Maalouf, the AA juniors coordinator. He's REALLY a grass roots kind of juniors guy and it's awesome to see some of his squad "graduate." That ROX.

Anonymous said...

Are the jr's going to be on the same"training" program as the "pro-masters"?

Anonymous said...

Hey Desi,

A couple of my boys are on that team and they are getting the whole "package", not just a kit. They are very serious about developing a JR squad. Look for B B-R to be winning P-1/2 races this year, not just Jr's. He already is one of the top 3 track riders in NorCal. Sickness.


Anonymous said...

everyone is so fast

and everyone has such opinions

isnt this great to have computerts so we can chime in

everyone be happy and get drunk

Anonymous said...

Good to see Daniel picked up. That kid can climb for his age and recently clobbered the geezers.

Bring on the Disco geezers... the team appears to be plump full but its racers are scattered over Cali-for-ni-aye. From observing last year, many of these geezers sparsely race so it will be interesting how they race as a team.

Anonymous said...

Hernando, how come I didn't see your name on the list?

Groove Talking... said...

Just dropped by to say Merry Christmas to you and Velo Bella.

Anonymous said...

Should make for a very interesting year, some big time throw downs are on the horizon.

I see a 3 way battle between Disco, Unsafeway, and the Spidey Crew. Looks Spinal Tape and Morgan got last pick during transfer season.

What happen to Buhba now that Craig went to Disco?

Is it race season yet? I am ready to rumble!

bbElf (a.k.a. panda) said...

It's a play now, and I believe it's in SF at the moment...

His sister's pretty funny, too.

Brent Chapman said...

I found another blog rolling like plugin that seems to work better. (for now)

Ippoc Amic said...

daniel tisdale...good addition to the Jr. squad...i mentored him at Livermore when he snuck into the race with the 10 year that he is sticking with the sport...

teamnolan said...

Mikey was our very first invitee to the Discovery geezers squad... and he graciously declined our invitation.

Not sure I understand the ego comment, but everyone has an opinion so we'll just let our legs and lungs do our talking.