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Friday, December 01, 2006

crazy talk

Well ... it's worth checking out if you happen to tinker with freedom of the mind ~ Ubermann's commentary on Newtie and the Net-noodlings.

until he's shitcanned ... and especially after that day - thankful to have Keith doing his work.

brass balls are always sexy.

- - -

The Hounds of Empire Grade

There's this nice bit of climbing outside my work that takes you up into the backwater Boony dales nestled between hippie-like SCruz and compu-snotty Silicon Valley. It's rustic but populated, elevated but mundane, wild but horticultured ... whatever, it's a climb and i like to ride it at lunch.

I'm in that yummy part of my life where I get to sluff off intervals and just ride, ride, ride. I've been doing this so long now, that I know what it takes to get my ass ready to race for another 11 months straight. And this is part of it.

rides, just to ride. power put down or easy glides on the strokes ... solely dictated by the way my body feels. total random training. complete immersion in listening to my body, relearning my body, breaking away from the months of utterly structured training that sets my teeth to racing, again and again.

anyway ~ it's joyful, sweaty stuff. I roll along, smiling, dripping with glee ... waving at all the other yayhoos out there dippin' into the funbag like myself. and, i reckon there's a firm majority that want to wave back, get the nerve to when they see my goofy-ass smile and flippity-flying fingers signaling 'hydeeho neighbor!'

... then there's squarenut. Squarenut is some racer-boy-blue i've seen at a few of the prosey-wank races in NorCal. He races with one of those ego-snot teams that exist in every region ... you know the one; the too-cool-for-school bunch of lycra-posers that wants to blow condescension through upturned nostrils at everyone and everything they think slower than them.

i hate these types of assholes. they never wave. he never waves.

aside from all the times i've done it before and never noticed ... next year, in races, i'm going to make a point of dropping this bitch.


Anonymous said...

Must be a Strawberry

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

nope. but i do plan on spankin' a few o' those boys, too.

yeehaw, baby!

Anonymous said...

Good!!I would like to know if any Strawberries are acting out of line! Example #1 Chava always forgeting to wear his lid!

PAB said...

ya know, last weekend there were a few of them non-wavy types out on the roads around the SC.

sorta surprised me, i guesss...


thought you'da had em all trained to wave back by now.

grey said...

that reminds me of when i lived in oakland and trained in the hills all the time. one day i saw this guy coming the other way and thought, "what a fred. dressed head to toe in mapei." as he got closer it looked like he even had the bike to match. jeez, what a poseur. then he was smiling at me and waving and then i was smiling and waving and... it was a fred. rodriguez. wearing his team kit like a good boy. waving and smiling like always.

my judgement got hecka smiled at. and i got to tell my friends that i saw fred out training.

Anonymous said...

Bellas always smile and wave

shawndoggy said...

Yeah, I wave at everything on two wheels, even the DUI guys on the BMX bikes. Never understand the too cool non-wavers... at the very least they should appreciate that I'm their pack fodder.

diskzero said...

I was tempted to post a survey called "NorCal teams most likely to snub you while riding" but decided I didn't need the grief. Sadly, there are a handful of well-known snubbers out there.

Anonymous said...

I guess it really depends on what you're doing at the time. If your at LT then that's a good excuse to ignore the passer-bys and stay focused. There's no excuse to ignore while easy ridin and just strolling along.

Smiling or a nod could also be a substitute for a wave.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you will do the prosey instead of the geezer races next year. We'll see who gets the spankin.

I didn't recall you ever saying you waved to Wicketts while you were doing your contortion routines on two wheels. Under what conditions don't you wave?

Never encountered a Bella on the road... I'll remember to wave, and wave first to the one's riding giants.

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

look for me n' the other geezers in the crits.

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

sweetie says the boy-stink is getting a bit overwhelming in here.

gotta get swishy on it, quick-like.

... no problem.

Anonymous said...

ill bet about a hundred bucks youre talking about a webcor guy you saw on route 9 a few days back!
i was riding with my head down, looking at the road, with headphones on, when i thought i heard a cheery voice say "hi!" i didnt realize i wasnt just imagining it until out of the corner of my eye i saw a safeway uniform on the other side of the road. "shit! I bet thats mike!" i almost turned around to sprint back to you and correct my cycling faux pas, but was really tight for time before work! anyways, wanted to apologize for that - and if i'd seen you - i woulda waved and smiled with the same goofy smile you usually have :).
-nate rogers.

Anonymous said...

so, apology given, try not to drop me next season? at least dont try extra hard.

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

wasn't you, nate.

... aw, but yer so sweet.

so, you back here racing? awesome. looking forward to seeing you out there hammering.

good to have you back,