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Monday, December 04, 2006

act your age ...

on the way to work today ~ had a bit of a "hmmm ... now, i wonder" moment.

You see, this morning I feel sore ... sore in ways that hetero men shouldn't really be sore. My first thought was, of course, what a drag it is getting old. You know, the aches and crackles of a body breaking down from wear n' tear and abuse both physical and chemical.


But then, on off chance, deep in the brainbasket - someone undusted memories of earlier athleticism, shining them up to bring out for inspection.

And inspect them i did.

memories of bleeding teenage feet from running too hard, too quickly. memories of post-adolescent days spent in agony after foolish distances covered. memories of a hobbled, pain-laced body pushing itself up from bed each morning, hoping to be able to do it again.

i need help.

for it is patently obvious, i am and always have been ~ a pain junky.

- - -

And so, this morning's aches after racing my bicycle yesterday are perhaps less father time tapping me over the shoulder as reminder ... but instead, the sweet, awaited for pull-out of the needle.


Anonymous said...

Yo fool...thanks for the cheering yesterday, you definitely made that sand run better than it would have been, no matter that it sucked still. So I finally broke down and created a blog:

Now there's more for you to do other than riding and working. See you on Thursday. ~~ Becky

PAB said...

oh stop being so...dramatic.

I think everyone who was there yesterday is nursing sore body parts this morning.

even migo keeps stretching his, um, humping muscles....

you'll be back on the gas next weekend, if not in the surf city race (but I know you want to race on that course), then definitely Sunday. You and XBun are in tight races for the series overall there. In fact, i think that means you will be racing cx into January!! (Me 'n' VB will bring our umbrellas for spectating...)

VeloRainDog said...

thanks, ov.

the aches and pains of this ripe, old 31'er were weighing a bit heavy this morning.

Anonymous said...

you're just a baby...i mean in age.

X Bunny said...

it only gets better

funkdaddy said...

vander-coot - don't fool yourself - you are getting old. too old, in fact, to start TWO races. whatever made you decide to do that?

btw, you need to get yourself a backup bike, i've seen too many photos of you in the pit changing wheels...or bring your mtb for chrissakes...

my back hurts

Anonymous said...

Uber-geezer Hernando.

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

no complaints about pain allowed from the winner, papa de funk.