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Monday, November 06, 2006

some things you can't control

Heard from DJ Snead that Josie Beggs, uber nicey from heaven, got tangled with a spectator out in Boulder this weekend.

She's pretty banged up, sounds like - facial surgery? oh man, that hurts just hearing about it.

When you're a promoter - you work hard to make the event safe and fun. And, I always err on the side of safe. Shawndoggy will attest - when we did the Reno Twilight events ... we did our best to keep safety first in a land of gunracks and stray dogs. We lucked out. Big time.

But there are freak occurrences ... some kid jumping in front of you is one of them. Last year at the Pilarcitos ender (fuk, i have NO luck in that series) a dude walked right in front of me while i was going on the high end of mach 7. It was a roadie section that turned a blind corner and, whammo ... there he was. I did my best to not smack the poor schmuck ... and ended up spinning off of his back with my hips. I was sent sprawling, tumblerific into the air and skidded over many feet of pavement. Nothing i could have done and nothing the promoter could have done to stop it from happening.

sometimes ~ it just happens.

Hope Josie gets better soon. You hate to see someone so cool get hit that bad with the shitstick.


Anonymous said...

Picture the now deceased Sea Otter Cannery Row Crit, where the nazi UPS lady barged under the tape pushing a high-stacked hand truck, as the curb-to-curb pro peloton barrelled down the straights toward her..... The crowd pulled her out of the jaws of death just in time....true story.

Ahhh Reeeeno!
Maybe I'll see Coach Mel again at our weekend conference!

SGK said...

Just got off the phone with Jos....she's hurting and doctor searching, but sounds pretty good. She does not remember much about the incident. I think AJM is right there helping her out.

X Bunny said...

i hope wonder woman heals quickly

she has always been very nice to me even though she doesn't know me

PAB said...

oh, that's just the worst.

heal quickly Josie!

Johnny Sprocket said...

Plenty of room on my couch to convalesce. I wonder how long the wifeage will stand for me and WonderWoman on the couch belching back beers? No higher than a small pile of cans would be my guess.

Brent Chapman said...

yeah, I heard (second hand) she told AJM to go race after her accident... but when he saw she was really hurt he said "no way, Im going to the hospital with you"

Good choice.

It's a scary thing to see your wife or girlfriend injured or hit the deck in a race... one of the scariest things I ever had to do is run out of the car to check to see if my wife was still alive after she crashed in the peloton.

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

let's not even talk about that shit.