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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

reason #138


- - -

Check out the Surf City course description for this Sunday's finale. You gotta love that stuff.

This weekend will be purrrfect cross weather (from a promoter's viewpoint):

  • comfortably chilly - you know, not enough to keep anyone away, but nippy enough to let all the fashionistas out of the closet. I envision NorWest beannies, NorEast scarves ... splattered all over NorCross ghetto.
  • just the right amount of moisture on the ground to make the course tacky and fast, but not saturated so as to kill grasslands with tread brappin' turny flips.
  • and a sinister glimpse of rain on the horizon at all times, but never falling.

hell yeah, baby.

- - -

Watsonville will be one wide-open course, this weekend. There will be sections to lose time from bobbles and gain time from fitness. Riders will be able to pass all over the place and yet positioning will be key to a number of sections.

In the Series competition ... we've got Ben J-M fending off the Wicketts. But, if bigBarry wins on Sunday, he could take the overall right back. The real race will be between Simon and Robinson for 4th (AJM's got a fist-sized lock on 3rd ... but don't know if he's racing). Those two have been battling it out beautifully these last races ~ but Simon crashed waaay hard in Boulder and who knows if he needs to risk injury by suiting up this weekend.

I hope he does, just to give us the show.

For la Femmes, it will be hard for Lloyd to be beaten for the overall win. She's forged a solid lead and should be able to protect it on Sunday ... but, you never know what can happen out there. It will be a stacked field of all the heavies for this final race, so anyone in the top-10 on Sunday will have put in a big effort.

And, gotta throw out a 'heck yes' to el Furioso. He might just be able to stick it out for the overall and win his category. That'd rock.

hernando go lightly-onthewordsmithytoday


shannon said...

wait a minute: "comfortably chilly" is in direct contradiction with "a sinister glimpse of rain on the horizon"--one is high-20s and the other is mid-40s.

Oh, wait--California, right?


good luck with the race, oV!

marscat said...

i'm looking forward to a little filth!

Nick said...

I'll be there rooting for my boy el Furioso....

Anonymous said...

have you been reading americancrackpot?

VeloRainDog said...

great. just add to the pressure.

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

shannon ~ if it hits the high-20s here ... the whole damn state would have a re-call election and boot out god.

MarzyGato ~ you need help.

Nick ~ it's a good course for him.

anony ~ americancrackpot ... that's yummy.

thanks for the heads up.

Vdawg ~ fun, ain't it.

shannon said...

and here I thought california had booted god out years ago...