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Sunday, November 26, 2006


Sabine took some pics of the boys out doing the barndance today during the latest installment of the CCCX thang.

The photage below will show how Wicksy blew riding the runnup on the first lap ... then laughing himself silly about it. That dude's just one of the bright spots, i tell ya. Let's all throw mojo at that boy winning the Natzy race this year - cuz he's dreamy.

Beyond that in the pics will be all kinds of local yokels doin' their best to be sex. E.

Me? well - there was no sex. But there was me sitting in Sputnik, kind of goofing off and daydreaming about what it would be like to be very wee, small enough to fit inside one of the model aeroplanes whizzing and spinning around the skies over the parking lot when ...

Roddy blew the starters whistle.

oh shit.

over the shoulders went the skinsuit and a full sprint up to the start line to see ... no one. oy. missed the start.

oh well. Cross has officially become training from this point in the season ~ so, i didn't mind. good workouts are worth the bucks.


On the femmes front ~ Shelley Olds is learning herself how to win cross races. She stormed off the front from the gun and never looked back. Two races in a row. Superb.

I'm of the opinion that she should bypass Natz this year and not worry about getting uber-serious about cross for another season, or two ... but, with rides like she's putting in right now? Who can stop her.


Behind her was Stella ... again riding a strong, consistent, flawless race. Kind of makes me want to snake a look at her training logs, though. Top end. Top end. Top end!

After that was kat baumsteiger ... probably having her best ride of the season - good timing for Natz coming up. I think she has an excellent chance at the age-group title in Rhode Island.

anyway ... i'm tired and here's some of Sabine's boy-toy pics.

here's the Wyandt taking advantage of Wicksy boffin' the runnup-ride.

here's Barry gigglin' before he put the wood down and won by a sun dial measurement.

... and we have DJ Snead doin his skilz work.

big bad Hunter is getting muthafukkin fit, yo.

gawd i love that jersey.

blog-boy nickO riding into A-contention. good to see. this cat has fun out there.

camalicous ... it's like a hippie-strudel. tasty.

and then there's nerdboy start-misser, chasing like a goof.



PAB said...

numbers on the right, right?

X Bunny said...

you can tell us whatever you want but we all know you missed your start cuz of smoochin'

velogirl said...

wicks' frame is so big he can fit a water bottle. dang! long live big men!

Velojuice said...

That was some funny stuff OV, I like how you gave everyone a headstart then blew thier doors off! Wicks was amazing. I think only JR could pull that hill climb stunt off.

X Bunny said...

it's got nothing to do with the size of his frame

any of us could get away with a water bottle if we could ride up the stuff he does

he probably shoulders that thing once a year

X Bunny said...

but big men are sexy....

Anonymous said...

yeah, tall men are sexy. tall men who race bikes are sexy.

i thought i was the only one who imagined myself flying around in little airplanes...

funkdaddy said...

are ALL tall men who race bikes sexy? just curious...

btw mr "just for training"...don't go frontin' like you're not gonna open a can-o-whup-ass at M35 Districts...

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

pab - so much wrong with that race. ah well, it were fun.

xBun - it was all me starin' off into space. i really have no idea what i was doing...

Vgurl - me likey the Wicks

VJuicey - i wasn't blowing any doors off. I couldn't drop Cam or that NorCal guy in the final two laps at all. they pretty much whipped my ass.

lauren - you do have a rather whimsical imagination ...

Funkee - nope, i think i've got to try and have at least one gawdamn good race in that shitball pilarcitos series. i'll try one more time.

and probably crash like last year when that dude stepped out onto the course and sent me spinning.

Anonymous said...

Don't understand the sputnik reference. Please explain.

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

Sputnik is the ship, the submarine, the pleasure boat.

it's angry with me.

Velo Bella said...

I'm afraid that I was not as gentle with him as I should have been.

Anonymous said...

seems like gallons of ladyjuice commentary here.

ladyjuice meets manjuice... sexy.