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Thursday, November 16, 2006

cracked Scotsman

VsNooze tells us that Obee's got a movie about him and it'll be released in the States at the end of this year.

I picked up a bit of the book at Taz's house once, but only leafed through it. What I've heard of the guy is ... just that ~ stories heard.

Manic, maniacal, over-trained, under-guided, tinkerer extraordinaire.

disregarder of rules and self-demonized by depression.



PROMANgirl said...

Ok, the cracked Scotsman, crouching rider, hidden demons deserves at least one comment,
'He built his first record-setting bike in his garage, from among other things, a piece of a washing machine he found lying alongside the road.

Flawed genius? Perhaps.'

Deserving of more recognition? Definitely.
Looking forward to the movie, Nicola

Ippoc Amic said...

...inadvertently met Mr Obree in Colombia...he was a very humble world champion...had to read the book and well it was really interesting with some very sad parts, especially his childhood...

PAB said...

yeah, i couldn't get past the childhood part...

he was quite an innovator, as an athlete and a designer.

I still don't fully understand why his innovations were outlawed--maybe if i'd finished the book...