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Thursday, November 02, 2006

but i'm delicate ...

DaCarr and the crosser-crew are discussing what makes a fabulicious cycloX event.

I know what cats like O'Cleary and the Skibber like in their crossings - namely hot chicks and fine brew - likely universal traits amongst the boypart participants.

But aside from frothy femmes and buxom brewskis ... for me, the main draw to ANY cycling event is ~ venue and vibe.

I likes me the party.

The best times I've had at bike races are when folks can comfortably meander through the course and expo area, able to drift in and out of conversations with other riders or passers by, getting multiple chances to view the race at intereresting and dynamic points of the course. It's about ... that often overused and varyingly defined word ... FLOW.

For me, I like a venue to have flow as it refers to racers and spectators knowing where to go, having easy access to those places, and a free-form ability of crowds to gather and make a good rukus to inspire fun and effort from everyone involved. I like to track the needs of a person as they drive up to a venue, as if they'd never been there before: will they know where to park, how to get to registration, where the bathrooms are? Will they want to spend time with the advertisors in your expo? Will they have to cross the course in disadvantageous ways to view the racing? Etc...

I very much am of the opinion that CX is the most spectator-friendly of all cycling's shenanigans (well ... aside from those crazyfuk jumper dirty boys and their 360s and 'pimp my ride' attitudes). I think having a NorCal Prestige series like the big-brains are planning for next year will be fun and I'll definitely do my part - but, I'll still think that the best way to grow our sport is by investing the time and energy into making each event and actual event ... with hoopla, good vibe, and ways to make folks want to spend time (and maybe money) on and at the race.

whatever ... day job calls my ass back to action.

lates ~ oV


Lothar Glerbny said...

oV I think you should go into race promotion. intern with the P'citos boys then go for it. you have the attitude and energy and general commitment to the community.

ps. i nominate you to wear the ducky suit for z

Velo Bella said...

intern with the P'citos boys????

I'm just going to stop there before I get all fiery and feisty on your ass.

X Bunny said...

i think someone shoulda worn his costume in watsonville insteada wherever he was that he broke his camera

he'da seen that our course was overFLOWing and should be a model for all others

except for the poison oak

PAB said...

good thing lothar brings the beers to the races, or that kind of transgression might not be tolerated.

on the other hand, it might be kinda fun to see VB get all fiery and feisty...

Velo Bella said...

beer at races?
Oh no, someone might act a fool!

Far better to be a sober psycopath who wants to punch people multiple times because they say mean things.

People crack me up.

And I wish I could blame my foolishness on booze.

And don't think I've forgotten about you Mr Loth-ar Glerb-ny.

Brent Chapman said...

yes.. super events are fun.
But too big an event can suck. I don't care too much for Sea Slaughter anymore.

But i will admit, what made cross cool for me was the people hanging out. I used to attend races for a long time and never signed up for an event.

I like the poke on "FLOW"! Nice. I like to use it when i describe how I am testing the course. The whole time I am thinking about Mels diner and flo... Kiss my grits.

I would like a test this... you ask each person to send a description of FLOW (in course perspective) and then compare to see if they are the same.
In a nutshell its going to be, make the course fun and the ability to keep speed through transitions so I can keep my gap.

Lothar Glerbny said...

Only referencing his enthusiasm and panache for the sport...not to downplay the quality of the surfcity deepest apologies for you misunderstanding that I was making a joke about the president not the troops...uh, oops, got all political. I mean....I'm buying!

PAB said...

sea otter sucks.

lothar kicks ass.

i drank one glass too many.