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Wednesday, October 04, 2006


i'm quite certain ... QUITE certain that i wouldn't be burdened by winning the lottery.

working just plain 'ole cramps my style. i'm more than willing to plan activities and goof offs to fill time spent at work (well, aside from blogging).

for example ... this morning i could have made a meal out of sleeping in with the woman. warm and snuggly and giggles tinkling up from underneath the blankets ... like sparks floating up from a cozy fire.

but noooo.

bastard people.


VeloSnews put out the trade-talk gossip. wowza ... some big moves in the US circuit highlighted.

  1. Chilicoot's BMC squad gets big budgeted with Moniger, Sayers, JacksonStewpert, and Schmatz signing on. As well as Alexandre Moos from old Phonak. hmm...

    not much of a development flavor there ... or will they retain all those youngin's from this year?

  2. more interesting is speculation that Benny J might go to Priority Health.
    ... whoa.

    we'll see how accurate Mr. Rogers' info is in the coming weeks, i'm sure.

  3. Swindlehurst leaves Navigators, while Rapinski the one-man death squad returns to the outfit.

    Vaughters' TCref boys are looking for a new '07 sponsor ... bummer. It was nice that some dough got put into them young riders. Let's hope stick-boy can get his wallet fattened up again with a new advertiser.

  4. Freddy gonna ride cross, too? Yeah, I guess he's joining Horner in motorhoming it around the CrankBro's circuit.

    jayzus ... talk about flash and burgerking.


Flandria said...

i am totally out of touch with US Pro Cycling...didn't know there was a UCI sanctioned America Pro Tour...

anyhows, I disagree from the article that adding another tour will confuse the public - we don't have enough spectators compared to my opinion

the addition of the UCI Pro Tour would be cool and hope that they market it to bring more people to understand the world of racing here in the's very exciting!

I am so spoiled with European racers, I know them as if I lived with them but not much American local racers which deserve the same treatment...(feel bad)

need to get into the US Pro cycling a bit more next season - it just doesn't seem as exciting as the European Grand Tours...which we do not have here.

US Pro Tour would be a good start...i guess

Flandria said...

I suggest that all media - newspaper, TV, cable news, web sports in America add Cycling into their sport section just like Football, Baseball and Golf...

Yahoo! has a cycling section but it is so mundane and sickly...need to spice it up

Velo Bella said...

bastard people indeed.

me and the kitty overslept again.

Jed said: said...

Slipstream (former Cref) has real funding behind it. Not just sponsorship money.

X Bunny said...

i feel that way almost every single morning

and this cool weather and dark mornings are making it worse

Ippoc Amic said...

I hate to admit this, I bought a lotto ticket today, and I voted against the Lottery years ago...

OV be nice to fast freddie in the cross race, maybe Bella can put some flair on him...

kitty doesn't make coffee yet?

Anonymous said...

From Dewars to BMC... wonder how long it takes before a sour taste comes about from being a director. No doubt, he'll get the itch again.

I'd sure like to see Geezer Chilcott get back into the NorCal stuff again and do more road racing instead of opting for the crits.

Little_Jewford said...

BMC signed Garcia, who along with Jason Donald, who is going to "Slipstream", were two of the best CO non-pro road racers this year, so there is some development.

Watch out for these two guys, they are a little late to the game (they ran middle distance through college) but I bet they make a big splash in the next year or two.

captain sassy pants said...

Like oh my gosh, first mudding of the cross season. I totally had to wake up at like 5 to get all sloppy gooey wet. Oh yeah got my first crash this year out of the way a couple of hours ago. I recommend the light brown mud with a sprinkle of loose rocks....feels good on the gonad region. SWEET!

Eclectchick said...

". . . giggles tinkling up from underneath the blankets ... like sparks floating up from a cozy fire."

Awwwwwwww, that's really sweet.