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Monday, October 30, 2006

mo' magic

yeah, yeah, yeah ... i know the NorEast has the big crowd turnouts and is the official "too cool for school" cross bible belt. And, damn straight the soul of the sport bubbles up from the earthy mud baths of the pacific northwest.

but if you want folks ditchin' the constraints of an ever homogenizing society, pitching out what should be this or must be that ... those just wanting to let loose with their own vibe and stick it out in the sunshine for any to gawk at.

come on over and taste some NorCross, baby.

da' sweet stuff.


marscat said...

"a disgrace" one little lady standing next to me remarked hearing the electric anthem...

well done, i say.

Anonymous said...

indeed. that costume race put a big smile on my face, which was much needed after getting worked in the b's race. and again witnessed some great stuff from the kiddies, riding over the course tape, throwing their bikes around (maybe i should say letting their bikes fall over cuz let's face it, those toddler bikes are heavier than most of the scandium/carbon/whatever machines we're riding these days). great norcal vibes. and mad props to whoever borrowed the blair witch spiral idea; that was Very Cool, esp. with the spider in the middle.

Brent Chapman said...

That swirlee idea has been sitting around on my pc for about 3 years. I did a mountain bike race that had a much smaller swirl but I loved it. I figured it was just too much and no one would go for it.
The real issue is we never had anywhere good to put it because grass is always off limits on the west coast. When we got notified that half the location was being used for a horse show we decided we had to use the grass and make up for the lost space. Thanks to Sarah Kerlin she mentioned the swirl was used back east... So I unleashed my plan with the queen bee and mr vanderhoots approval.

Wait until the next event. I guess I might break out another crazy idea that has been collecting dust and as far as I know has never been used anywhere... bwa ahahahahahha

Anonymous said...

Yo OV, mo' magic happening with Super Skibby and the Red Lantern out in lovely Mpls.

Defenders of perserverance

Anonymous said...

You guys all did a great job with the event.
The crowd cheering Groovy T on was enough to make her forget how much it hurt. She is really sore right now, but said she really had fun.
She wants to go back for the next one.
Who would of thunk it?

I had great time at the venue, not my favorite course, although the spiral was extremely cool, but the venue and people rocked.

Gianni said...

Mad mad fun down there.
What it's all about.

dave the woodland nymph said...

I have weeping arms. is a miracle! Praise the blessed Virgin who bestow this blessing upon me. She appear unto me in a vision and say say unto me, "My son (may she be praised) I have it for you the one that you shall build a sacred shrine unto the blessed oak and the peoples they must to crawl up the hill on thier hands and knees and kiss every root they see and when they get to the top of that most blessed hill they eat all those little green leaves.