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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

death and taxes

lord have mercy ... a pile of paperwork is just gonna get ignored.

- - -

VsNews does another in-breeder session, stroking USACEO Stevey "mormon ... me?" Johnson:

Johnson believes "the time of the automobile is rapidly drawing to a close, and I see the bike as a wonderful vehicle for transportation, health and fitness, and everything else that is wrong with America."

... whatever, dude. just try and get USAC's collective head out of ass when picking upcoming World's teams, eh? I'm soooo sick of seeing fukking Guido Trenti on the start line in USA kits.

yeah ~ that's how you develop riders.

assholes. And don't even get me started on the lack of a women's Pro Tour.

- - -

but, speaking of the ever consuming culture of car ... i haven't ridden my bike to work in longer than i care to think. with this deafening darkness overpowering the bed as late as 6:45am ... it's impossible to motor-vate my ass out on the roads.

i suck.

and this is how much i suck:

- - -0

Johns Hopkins researchers estimate over 600,000 Iraqis have died since the invasion.

Gunshots emerged as the leading cause of death, accounting for 56 percent of the total. Airstrikes, car bombs and other explosions each accounted for 13 percent to 14 percent. Almost 60 percent of the deaths were among males 15 to 44.

over half a million people.

words - coming from the mouth of a pansied, spandex shitgrinner like myself - are nothing short of insulting when attempting to describe this horror, this barbarism, these abominations put forth in our name by our governers.

it is dangerous to seek solace in future generations' judgments ... but i can only hope, and pray to the gods of logic and reason, that this cadre of criminals currently cashing-in will be villified as the demon-beasts that they are - held accountable in the damnations of history as a greed driven, power-lusting group of bastard people.

bastard people and my car.


Nome Agusta said...

Can't BLOG need links.

Damn that Blog Roller, we have had our links hi-jacked.

PAB said...

usac cycling = problematic

current government = worse (worse than worse?)

sputnick = good.

olaf = needs a tequila spankin

X Bunny said...

how to mesh our own idealistic expectations with the realities of our lives?

i just try do the best i can
and not beat myself up when i can't do everything


i don't believe in hell, but i wish sometimes i did because i'd feel better knowing that justice would eventually be done

VeloRainDog said...

first we oust saddam. then we one-up him by killing more iraqis than he did.

we're #1.

bbElf (a.k.a. panda) said...

Reagan screwed over the mentally ill and died a long and unhappy death of Alzheimers. What kind of hell on earth will the bastard-in-chief get? My money is on burned alive, hopefully in some sort of gas station fire to complete the irony.

Ippoc Amic said...

XBunny says it pretty succinctly "idealistic expectations and reality"...but sometimes, often, I feel pretty frickin' guilty living the good life at the expense of others...masrcat and I could move to another country, but that's just running away and still not changing anything except paying more taxes to a different but similarly corrupt government...

Anonymous said...

This is so wrong-headed. Kids are racing for the same fun and personal reward the amatuer adults do....not because they want to go

"So we are seeing a lot of growth on the junior side. Our junior numbers will pass 3500 this year. That's up almost 1500 over two to three years ago. To me that's an indication that parents and kids feel that there really are opportunities in the sport as professionals." Stevie J.


Olaf Vanderhoot said...

gNome - it hurts.

da'PAB - i believe we have a weekend coming up.

bunX - wasn't there a 6 hour window of hell back when Boards were exam'd?

vDawg - killin' me.

BElf - wake me up, before you go-go...

ippoc - yeah, but we'd get great Tour coverage.

MK - nail on head.