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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

blahbittyblahblah ... self-editing needed

Spanish reports inking a possible offer from Discovery to Ullrich.

now that is some funny shit.

- - -

Hellyeah CX report ~ uberDorkage

Who's got a back full of excuses?

"I do, I do!"

I'll admit it, i'm kinda jonesin' for a bike race win. Is it the ego-beast demanding to be fed? Is it my self-esteem needing a boob job?

... whatever, man. keep looking.

Anyway, after chasing Noble around for a couple laps ... it was readily apparent that i wasn't gonna come close to matching that man-meat. We started pretty mild and went through the first barrier all-gentleman like. Funky slid a wheel out of the barrier turn, but took it cucumber cool and got back in at the front end of it. One-Speed-Maile grabbed the reins and I figured that was about as good a wheel as any to follow down to the dusty-doody descent into the tree turnaround.

I hadn't had much time or inclination to pre-ride the course worth a damn after having received good intel from el Furioso and da'Sage. So, I spent most of my pre-race hour making fun of Bortolussi and scratching my head at the difference between my shitmano shifters and a campy rear cluster.


So - after the opening lap run-up, Maile and I were still out front and i honestly thought it was going to be a bit of the easy-peasey for the rest of the first lap. Actually, I had forgotten that Noble was even in the race ... until he came roaring past on the top end bumples of the course.


2 laps of chasing him around and it was clear as geyser that he was NOT in my missile range. That sucks. And so, I did something i loathe doing ... i raced for 2nd. Now, it could have been the resignation that I'm heavy into training right now and knew my legs were running at low octane. It could have been my acceptance that Hellyeah wasn't a course i really enjoyed all that much. Or, it could have been me just getting my ass-spanked.

Whatever the smack-talk yields ... Noble turned the screws tight enough and my nutsack snapped off, tinkling down the slopes of the Velodrome ... rolling to a stop underneath Casey Kerrigan's size 11's.

and he stomped.

- - -

The rest of the race was between a few of the local nerdlings. Rob/Rod/Hooptie Evans was more than willing to spray a little man-juice around the course. He was hitting the bumpies hard each lap. FunkMeister was Mr. Tenacious and kept upping his pace throughout the day. He was stalking and I could only hope that the effort to close the gap to Hooptie and I would leave him in a moment of weakness for me to attack on.

And that's pretty much how it panned out. I lucked into 2nd after putting in an acceleration on the Velodrome and Funky kept the gas on to keep me close and move away from the rest of the gang. I had to make a bit of the "ohhhh nooo....please don't catch me" face to keep away from Funky.

Ah well, we all get nice starting positions for our efforts at the next Pilarcitos event ... wherein we get to run scared against the GrandPrix boys come home.

fun on a stick, baby.

- - -

The real racing was on the femme's side. LaLaLoyd was back doing her "I'm a nasty girl" routine. She would dink and dodge around lapped riders to try and shake roadie-scum Shelley the entire race and eventually was able to power away from her on the part of the course that mattered. It was a very, very exciting race and bodes well that we're producing more top-notch women's racing here on the left coast. LaLaLloyd may be the utter veteran, but she's still waaaaay young and could race for more years to come if she wanted to. And Olds is fresh meat to it all and has buckets of improvement ahead of her.

It will be fantastic racing when the GrandPrix sistahs come back home to play in the next couple weeks, too.

I'll get video this time.


VeloRainDog said...

you still made it look pretty easy to those of us on the sideline.

Velojuice said...

Definately having more fun than anyone else. I am still searching for my 35 A game. Hellyeah was not my favorite either. Being back in the game feels good and makes the beer taste better. See you sunday!

Ippoc Amic said...

...and you still had enough energy to run an excellent feed, top off water bottles, and offer the gals some nice cold beers...

Discovery is mean...they want to make JanEPO think that he is wanted on their team...Lance is up to his old mind fricks again...

Anonymous said...

... I'd say you took the smack-talk right out of me.

but if you were in the 35A race you would have dealt with a pissed-off-week-old-crash-victim.

...thinking of that, why didn't your race both?

marscat said...

your race report makes that race sound'd you do that?

(no, it was fun...painfully fun)

Anonymous said...

Hernando did not do the 35+ because he knows there are more bragging rights associated with a 2nd in the elite than a second in the master's... :)

there is the smack talk

I had ambitions of doing both races, but the heat, bumps and only five minutes of rest in between changed my mind quickly. Those old guys made me work hard to contain them.

You were fly'n Hernando- good job. even though Hooptie was my favorite it was good to see you up there


Olaf Vanderhoot said...

2nd in the 35+?

try 5th.

i had to get out of the geezer div cuz it was too haaaaaaaard.

besides, more sleepin' = yummy.

Anonymous said...

I believe you may want more sleep, but not that it is too hard for you...

good try though