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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

humped day

ok ~ now i know why el buddha invented bicycles ... cuz running makes you feel like rodney king's face.

plump, bruised, and guilty.

- - -

Looks like the other Armstrong and the only Thorburn went 1-3 at the World's TT today. I'm happy for the femmes and hope VeloSnews gives them a cover shot instead of some waa waa doper boy. But, gotta say ~ is it USAC's goal to make the national kits so frickin' ugly every year?

Looks like something stitched from the scrap pile. And - lord, please don't let VN throw either of these pics on a mag cover ... we want people to become interested in cycling - not have them frightened away by frankenpedaler and doctor nerdenstein.

- - -

I am so, so going to be a sniveling moanbag after this weekend's cross race. My thighs are puffy and damaged like Vaughter's face after the sting ... and just as useful.

The running drills last nite sealed the deal and, though i may be on the path of weeks down the road development, the pain and dismemberment until then seems hardly worth it.

But ~ you gotta do what you gotta do.

- - -

The 85% Doctrine

Fuck Cheney's One, first off. But aside from that ~ I'm a firm believer in the slow build to all things passionate ... be they cycling or other satisfyingly dirty activities. Perhaps it's because I've been around adult education most of my, ahem, adult life. Perhaps I just just like taking things slow. Perhaps I'm just a bit slow myself. Whatever the case ~ I do believe that we need to take our time in learning, adjusting to newness so as we don't get frustrated and toss towels down in disgust.

In cross racing ~ there are so very, very many opportunities to face plant, ankle twist, slide out and throw ass over tea kettle that we might as well do our best to tone down those evil percentages in favor of saving skinnage. Thus ~ I promote the 85% doctrine.

This doctrine asks that as we start our cross season - the first few races are run at less than full-steam. We ride under control, cardiovascularly, so we allow more braincells fuel to distinguish good from bad decisionery. You know, choices like ... should i crash into this barrier or should i think about my form as i dismount and go through the section a bit slower, but without headbutting the plank of wood some asshole put in front of me?

Riding at a lower intensity level also lessens the chances of ripping up those hip flexors and caffy muscles as they adjust to new dance moves and electric boogaloo hops.

Take it slow and allow yourself to learn, develop, progress.

... and don't crash.


velogirl said...

Dang! I can't find the photo I wanted to show you of my very first cx race in 2003. Tripped over a barrier at speed and sliced my shin down to the bone (thus the big scar). That was also my last race of the 2003 season. Was missing some brain cells at the time. So true.

Merkeley Bike said...

Great rule! Good advice for all of us in any type of racing.

PAB said...

but i WAS following the 85% rule!

i swear, i don't know how i got my shorts caught on my saddle--i don't think i could do it again on a bet.

as for rolling my ankle, they put us through the creek bed for no reason--the footing in there was tricky at best....

and no sniveling, no one likes a sniveller (sniveler?)

X Bunny said...

olaf is a good talker

but i've never seen him follow the 85% rule...

velogirl said...

It's all about you, eh, PAB?

PAB said...

vg-well, who else would olaf be talking about?

xbun, notice that he says he 'promotes' the 85% doctrine, not 'follows' it...

velogirl said...

It's just a tactic. He's trying to influence everyone else (since every cross racer in norcal reads his blog) to race slower so he can dust em!

marscat said...

nah, i'm gonna crash

Gianni said...

1st lap crashes= suck.
A little patience in waiting for the lead group to form has paid off for me well.
Not like I always follow the rules..

Ippoc Amic said...

...I sorta liked the Nat team kits but I do wear hula shirts too so that must explain it

Anonymous said...

... just gotta go for it.

I've done alot of mountain biking in my time but have yet to do my first cross race. Yesterday, I posted one of my fastest 10K times. Now, it is just a matter of learning the crossy-skills and rounding up the missing parts to put my new bike together. Yes, I'll be green, but it will feel good to dive into my first race with gusto at LT.

Hernando takes it slow because he's told that every evening.

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

don't forget mornings...

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

vGurl ~ you comin' down to CCCX, yeah? I'll be sure to have the VanderCam out in full effect there. i want a closeup pic of your Ti-Ritchey.

MerkelB ~ how's that garden workin' out? need a follow up post.

PAB ~ it's always about you, babay.

xBun ~ smarty pants.

ZsaZsa ~ you and Ippoc should come down for CCCX in PruneyDale ... i smell blogaritas after. We'll wait until the VB Tiki Cross, but ...

geeyanni ~ me neither.

ippoc ~ you're crazy talk. oh ... and i'm workin' on a youtube for youstwo.

anony ~ get the parts, gusto that LT, and i'll be there with the first aid kit for you.

Let's Cross!

Nome Agusta said...

So that's what I am doing wrong, ride like you are being chased by a Mack truck, or like you need to get way ahead of PAB before he get's his shorts caught and tries to knock the barrier down.
Approach the barriers and dismount in a way that's more like "oh shit, who put that there?"..And don't crash.

Race at 105%, and accelarate to 110%.

Brain cells are for blogging and road racing, MTBing and Crossing are about instincts. Kind of like martial arts, don't "think", "do".

velogirl said...

No more cross for me until Hellyer. I'm coaching a two-day clinic this weekend and then on my coastal adventure next weekend. Back to base, I guess. Need some good, long, mind-freeing rides anyways.

But, hey! I'm coming through Santa Cruz on Tuesday. Any advice on a route through the madness? Heading towards Monterey that night.