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Thursday, August 03, 2006


i feel like a wretched, withered old man.

in the last 3 days i've had 6 bananas and a few spoonfuls of pasta.

and ... last night i almost gagged on a chocolate covered orangey-thing. you know i'm sick if that happens.

Today ~ I've hobbled into work to try and do some catch-up ... but, it feels like ... it feels like ... you know when your sitting on the toity and you really think you have to go, but you can't? And, you sit there and your body kind of spasms this way and that, and you start to sweat a bit, and you sit there so long ... sooo long, with gallons of impotent straining, that all that remains of your body is one, lurching, empty, hallowed out jagged frame?

yeah, it sorta feels like that.

- - -

This weekend is the Elite RR here in NorCal and I have to take a pass on it. There's no way in hell i can swing out 105 miles right now. If I somehow make a miraculous recovery in the next 24 hours and become able to eat something, anything, then I'll do the geezer race ... just to help my boys out.

But man ... right now i just wanna sleep it all off.

- - -

Fuel oil slick in the Mediterranean ... another casualty of an insane bit of war and peace in the middle east.

there are some problems that have no answers.

where both sides are right, and both sides so very, very wrong.

- - -

and on a different note ~ Guikema found us the Doper's Excuse Quiz. Sad and funny ... like most of what's going on right now.


nosajpalnud said...

bananas don't digest very well.....

Velojuice said...

Raceclean has posted their Blacklist (why does it have to be back?) I don't like their style of vigilantism, but it makes for interesting National Enquirer type reading. If you have hide your face while promoting your cause then it spaeks loudly about your methods and intentions. Anyway hope you feel better, hope the bananas firm things up a bit. Here comes CX!

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

yeah ... the anonymity of the site only adds suspicion to the claims. Which is a shame, because I do feel that confirmed doping riders should be named and REMEMBERED.

but, what ya gonna do?

mostly what i find distasteful is the personal attacks the author throws out. to me, it's unnecessary and ... juvenile. but again, i sure do wish athletes wouldn't take performance enhancing drugs.

ah well, i can't worry too much about it at the moment. not enough energy.

CX, let's go!

le petit lutin said...

Wow, not a good way to lose weight!!
Take care of yourself...

Benjaminiac said...

so no TT tonite?

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

couldn't go fast in my car right now.

... wait, Sputnik can't ever go fast.

so, no.


Wild Dingo said...

Jaysus... 3 days? i had thought you were only a little run down, last i read your blog... oy. 3 days no eating should send a signal to your dehyhdrated brain to go see a doc or someone who can help. feel better soon.

PAB said...

even with so few calories going to the still have the sense of humor. too good...


feel better.

or else...

X Bunny said...

shouldn't there be a step between bananas and orange-chocolate thingeys?