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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

but i AM a knight!

oh ... all right.

i'm about as queeny as they come.

true story ~

one night me n' the woman are in some hotel watching whatever on the tele. in a million years, i couldn't tell you what it was. anyway, one of the snake-oil breaks 'tween segments of the program had this advert about women's clothing, or fashion, or something in that vein.

The voice-over bubbled out some salesy-pitched jingle on how the store has the perfect fashions for the over-40's woman.

"Honey," I said ... "that's us!"

no lie.


just to clarify ... neither of us are.


jaysus, i've got to start using more power tools.

- - -


while it is all HollyWooded and silly, i really do enjoy watching that Knight's Tale flick, now n' again. It has a fair enough scene in a cathedral of a woman demanding equity. It has a gaylord poet flourishing his wares as much as a closeted society will allow. It has swordplay, wordsmithy, banging shields and idealized loyalties.

Besides, who can resist the allure of a cut n' dry morality play ~ black vs white as told by two sexies banging their sticks at each other from horseback.



Jed said: said...

"we will, we will ROCK YOU"

So gay.

PAB said...

never seen that flick.

i agree w/jed--looks pretty gay.

in fact, that's the gayest lookin knight i think i've ever seen...

Jed said: said...

I hear heath's a top though, that's pretty hot.

Reed Maxwell said...

but Heath Ledger is sooooo cute!

velogirl said...

Gay is the new black, boys.....

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

i'll take black.

? said...

You have been weighted and measured…and found wanting….of Cal Cup

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

time to strip off the armor

X Bunny said...


i didn't know about 'over 40's woman' fashions

so i think i am probably needing to go to that store to get the appropriate chamois and tank tops