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Thursday, August 31, 2006

and it moves, still

Fog has hit the sCruz this morning ~ like a wet oven mit to the face. It leaves you dizzy and disoriented ... covering the routine with an illusion of mystery, unfamiliarity, oddness.

or is the routine the illusion?


It's another long and busy day at the workstation for me ... so, less time for scribbles and painting dandelions. And, they didn't even give me my ordered chocolate chip cookie this morning from the cafe.

that's sin.

i'll find my way through the sorrows, though.

- - -

Last nite my woman informed me that her racing age next year will be ... forty.

That is so fucking hot.

I have not had many relationships in my time here, but I have paid attention. I've seen people entwined by love, grown thick and suffocating. I've seen the confused and frightened hacking of limbs. The lost, pained looks upon barren ground. I've heard gulps of ecstasy and screams of hysteric frustration. I've felt the freezing blackness of a stare.

And this morning ~ I know, i know ... that i have found the person to live my days with, sleep my nights with, laugh my time away with. I know, and let loose an undescribable breath of relief and thanks, that she is the love, the only love, of the rest of my life.

my sabine.


Ippoc Amic said...

40 is very cool, I was super excited when my racing age was 40, sort of wished it could have stayed there...

diskzero said...

It's a happy feeling to find that special partner.  Brings some meaning and perspective to things.

Let me know if you are still snarfing that morning cookie when your racing age hits 40.

marscat said...

yeah 40s!

yeah happiness!

PAB said...

i think we just found out that the schmoop-o-meter does in fact go to 11...

but hey, let's not just glance past this cookie issue....i mean...those bastards!

shawndoggy said...

OV, that's really sweet. When the Mrs. and I were courting long distance way back before Al Gore invented the internet, we wrote lots of letters to one another. I think we both kept every one.

Bury this stuff in some sorta time capsule for you to find later. To open on your 10th or 25th or 50th anniversary.

Little_Jewford said...

40...thats pretty cool, of course I'm excited to turn 36 in less then a month...then I can legally date women half my age (Dont tell Stacy)

Chris said...

that first picture....a time machine snapshot of my sad scribbling self in 30 years time....

Flandria said...

so sweet and two are cool!

Nome Agusta said...

Now that is awesome, and you should no by my scribblens that I don't use that word lightly.
I wish you two all the joyful longevity that Groove Talking and I have had. 20 years together and 10 of them I have been riding. She is only now just starting to ride bikes and loves it. It's like our relationship is starting all over.
Not being in a rush or ruching each other is a good thing. Savor long and slow, and save something for tomorrow to be new.

bbElf (a.k.a. panda) said...

That's beautiful. Right on.

Pab earned a chortle with "does in fact go to 11..."

velogirl said...

I'm giddy for you two -- of course I live vicariously through my blogfriends so I'm in love too!

40 is the new 30. I kept saying that when I turned 40. And so far it's true, my 40s have been much happier and more fun and peaceful than my 30s.

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

ippoc ~ hottie

disk0 ~ heck yes and heck YES!

marsy ~ double hottie

pab ~ the meter dun broke, long ago.

sdawg ~ nice.

weejoo ~ nicer.

cbald ~ you n' me both, brudda. what you can't see in that camfoto is the tatoo right 'tween his eyes.

flanders ~ gracias!

g-nome ~ you said it.

bbE ~ simpatico.

le petit lutin said...

Yeah, this is just awesome!!
You two look sooo happy, this is sooo great...

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

vgurl ~ word.

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

lutin ~ double gracias!

captain sassy pants said...

That’s the best news anyone could hear! Finally some of us have a chance at beating you, not counting myself though…hmmm if the master blaster himself can have a girl maybe that means I can do the same…nah too much distractions there, I need to stay focused to beat you some day.


X Bunny said...

i think blogger ate my comment
or maybe i forgot to push the blue button

you wouldn't delete it
well you would, but not such a nice comment

i think it went something like this:


pab likes anything that goes to 11

and i am just happy that you (two) are continuing to be so very happy!

Velo Bella said...

One of the nice things about racing, is that we can use the term "racing age".

As if that is somehow seperate from our real age. By January of course, my real age will be 40 (Jan 12, mark that down), but its somehow less personal if I say "racing age".

and, ...till death do us part my love, or when you end up looking like that old scribblins guy.

Thanks for making me all teary eyed at work this morning. You are in so much trubble.

PAB said...

lucky dog.

we all know it don't get no better than 'trubble'

X Bunny said...

my staff took me out to lunch today to try to pretend they can make up for the hell they put me through when they were gone on vacation

so they are talking (again) about how their husbands don't let them have enough time of their own

i just sit and smile and nod occasionally and finally one of them decides i can't stay silent on the subject and turns to me and asks "xbun, does pab follow you around all the time when you are at home?"

"yes,....but i like it!"

PAB(a.k.a.CID) said...

another favorite