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Thursday, July 20, 2006

why the new sherriff is footloose

Thanks Boots:

15:58:10 - Yellow Jersey For A Six-Pack Of Beer...

After Floyd Landis regained the lead of the Tour de France at the top of L'Alpe d'Huez he decided that he wanted a beer to celebrate the moment. On the road down to his hotel, his team car pulled over and the American traded a yellow jersey for a six-pack of beer with a spectator. [OLN]

~ Do Not Make the Floyd Angry ~

The quotes after Stage 17 hover around how FLandis wanted to repay his team for all their work, wanted to continue the fight ... no matter what.

When I recall images of The Floyd burning off all-comers on the slopes of the Saissies ... one by one the favorites dropping off his wheel ... i can't help but think of some massive Mennonite workhorse. What did they use ~ clydesdales? Who knows - but Landis was no showey Lipizzaner prancer like Kloden, no fleet Arabian like Sastre, no Russian warhorse like Menchov ...

Instead, The Floyd was all draft determination ~ single-minded, unrelenting, powerful to it's core. The bit was firmly chomped in a set jaw ... no direction but forward, pulling the weight, doing the work that must be done. Must be done.


Tony Rocha said...

That's some funny stuff about the 6-pak. Someone has been over at Saunders' site.

He left out this part though:

19:58:10 Floyd and wife get down to celebrate stage victory.

After a sixer and high-fives with his team, Floyd and his sweetie find time to bridge the gap.

20:58:10 Future winner of the 06 Tour sleeps.

Yes, Floyd was coming down the finishing straight like a grand prix motorcar!

Join us again tomorrow at OLN for coverage of stage 18, until then...

VeloRainDog said...

coke helps too?

the Floyd:
"So it was a long shot, but I figured we had nothing to lose. I came here to win the tour and it was my only chance. We didn't have any other options. Somehow or another, word got around the peloton that we were gonna do that and a couple people came and told me it was crazy and I should please don't do it. Anyway, I told 'em go drink some Coke 'cause we're leaving on the first climb if you wanna come along."

Kirkpatrick MacMillan said...

Herr Hernandoness, why waz u racing Natz as VeloBellow instead of Baggers? What's the deal? Inquiring minds want to know.

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

cuz at heart, i'm a lil' gurl.

Velo Bella said...

because its that good

Eclectchick said...

Diggin' those horse breed metaphors . . . giddyap!!!!

Kirkpatrick MacMillan said...

that's not much of a story hippie boy... we knows you a gurl. I was hopin for some real drama like they wouldn't pay your fare or somtin. Can you make up a good story?

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