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Friday, July 07, 2006

that happened when?

Tour of Austria:

Saturday's stage is the 31 km time trial on a flat course around Podersdorf am See. "I will concentrate fully on the time trial and give it my all," said Pfannberger, who leads the GC by only 56 seconds ahead of time trial specialist Tom Danielson of Discovery Channel. CN

Danielson as a TT specialist, eh?


Tommy's probably doing the long build-up to the Vuelta, where he'll be the team leader. Lucky bastard.

But still - for honor's sake, you gotta go full-gas for this TT, TD. And ... come on - to be beaten by a guy with the name of Pfannberger?

- - -

ok ~ speaking of TT specialists ... might as well throw out some predictions for tomorrow's Tour stage.

yumpinyimminy - 52km?

that's a bloody hard TT, folks. And, today's 'sprinter stage' ended up averaging 45km an hour. Chilluns ... that is muthafrickin' fast.

almost a week into a Tour, and they averaged over 28mph for a 118 miles.

mama mia. let's just hope the race bible lied.

Stage Precognifications:

  1. FLandis
  2. DuckRogers
  3. Zabrisker
  4. Yongchar
  5. Hincaptain
  6. Menchoff
  7. Lippyhighmer
  8. Yulich
  9. Karpet
  10. Poopoo
  11. Morrow
  12. Klueden
  13. SalvoDelli
  14. MillarsansEPO
  15. VanzeVelda

- - -

Geezer Nationals is next week.


Last year Williams came past me in the final 20 meters of the crit for the win, after I'd laid off the attacks to keep my teammate on the break - who had a mechanical, turns out. This year he's already nabbed himself a bronze in the Elite TT, so he's on form fo' sure.


let's go


Nome Agusta said...

Get that shit! We need to keep the stars and stripes in Sunny California.

Personally, I think Californians should race nationals as a team. I think that would be cool.

I blocked for Hutch big time 2 years ago at Park City. That was fun.

jAndy donka-donk said...

Kenny Rogers is freaking flying this year, I have already been put to shame twice by him. The door can surf the pack too and hang in the hills. You have your work cutout for you.......

And you have Valverde in still? didnt he just get his shirt hanger pinned?

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

i know - he's fire walkin'.

but, that's why we can't email in our results.

- -

vandevelde, not valverde.

monica said...

I've known Kenny since his speed skating days. He used to stay at my house. I remember being amazed at his 22" thighs! hmmm....

He was instrumental in getting my kids into speed skating

He's a great guy.

But I'm pullin' for you!

Ippoc Amic said...

What an interesting ITT yesterday. Floyd "no excuses" Landis is very cool. But what's up with telling him about the TT bars right before the race? Hasn't he been riding in that position for a while now?

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