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Sunday, July 30, 2006

rinse, wash, n' repeat

well, one down ~ one to go.

The Geezer Chumpyships of the Multiverse (road version35.39) was bagged by us unSafeWay boys yesterday. It was a very, very strong field and we ended up having enough of the massive-attack to take them for the win.

I'd been off solo for a while and was brought back with 2 laps remaining. The field was already whittled down to the star-chasers, so there was no hesitation allowed. My fellow blackard, Dan Martin, went nutzo with 3 straight attacks - finally breaking the will on the last. And so, he was off solo ~ with 22 miles of wind and heat and bitchy climbs howling 'give up' in his face.

He didn't.

I traded jobs with him and took my turn to monitor the would-be's. Normally, I am NOT a believer in aggressive 'blocking'. I'm of the opinion that if you've got a man up the road, you let the kids decide if they want to chase and plant yourself on the back-end, out of the way, waiting to pounce if they do bring back your teammate.


this was for the jersey, yo. So, I did my most to kill that chase. The physical was to punch into 2nd wheel as often as they'd allow, but always moving out of the way if someone wanted it. You want to play honorable-like, even if you're cutting for the jugular. The pyschological was to point out clearly to those who would pull just how free of a ride they were giving to the big hitters sitting on. These same big-hitters would yell like school children to try and intimidate other boys into doing what they wanted. One particularly nasty ex-pro, current douche-bag was very vocal in his criticiques of riders and I went to their defense more than once.

In the end, it mattered little because my teammie pushed through all the pain and claimed us the first jersey of the weekend. It was sweet. And so, today ~ we try it all over again for another.

silly bike racing.


PAB said...

we want a blog post about suppositories!

PAB said...

oh, yeah...


Dan Cleary said...

Tell me you didn't snicker a bit when the big boys started getting hot under the collar. ah, a fun game them races are. Nice work Safeway boys.

Oh, and get that road stuff done so we can start heading into CX season.

alicat said...

hot diggity dog.

I won a race today too. It was in Pocatello, Idaho and my field size was 3! (Guess that's where women's racing is in I-don't-Go) RR coming soon on our blog.

Can't wait to hear about your crit today.

PAB said...

there was some serious douche-bag-ed-ness this weekend, i must say, spanning a couple decade's worth of geezer fields.

makes me want to write a post...

X Bunny said...

when i saw the full taz expression on his face when he came through the feed zone with 22 miles to go, i knew he was going to do it

he must have rocket fuel in those water bottles