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Monday, July 17, 2006


had to drive into work today ... which sucked. i really wanted to pedal my way in ~ try and burn off the 23 margaritas and 2 cases of Penn's Best Beer rolling around in my belly.

i guess it's the lunch'ervals.

- - -

Discovery Blues

So, Disco has 3 guys in the final group yesterday and try to drive it home to a sprint for Hincapie.


I dig how Popovych was killing himself at the front, really the only one willing to lay it all down to close that 20 second gap to Commesso and Fredrigo ... but, come on - why didn't Disco take turns launching attacks to get a small group away instead? With 3 guys, you're much more likely to get a nice selection away.

And when Popo finally exploded and couldn't pull anymore, then Vandevelde took advantage of the lull and attacked the group to almost bridge the gap and take the stage win ... ??? When i didn't see Hincapie on his wheel, i about spit. That boy is riding with his head up his butt so far he can't see how retarded those white-rimmed horny-toad sunglasses make him look. Jayzus, even just for pride's sake ... you go. When your teammate drives himself apoplectic to get you close and you don't even shake a stick at the effort to finish it off?


- - -

397 email messages in the workmail. whatever. i got priorities.

- - -

the scent of the sea was heavy on the morning fog today. it felt like someone was waving a bit of kelp under my nose - salty, still fresh, inviting stories of ocean travel and playing on beaches, under sun, splashing toes in water.

christ, i'm gettin' soft.

from high deserts, to frozen mountains.
blasted plains to dripping forests.

i've seen them all. lived them all.

and now, i'm a soft and fuzzy coastal bunny ... hopping along in true californacation mold.

eyes narrowed on the warm nibblins laying decadent at my feet.

i don't mind one bit.


X Bunny said...

it's nice to be home
wherever that is

The Sage said...

Big George has a track record of not sticking on the right wheel. Go back to 2001 USPro...Fast Freddy made a sweet move on the finishing straight. Where was George? Roubaix...come on that alone is enough evidence.

Flandria said...

George has a history of not responding to attacks, nor counter attack and definitely suck wheel whenever he can (I don't blame him!). Last year in Roubaix, you hardly see him pull. Boonen and Flecha - mostly Flecha worked like mad to the finish. I am not saying it is bad but that is how he is in all the races I've seen him race. George is a domestique in the grand tour and a wheel sucker in the classics...but he is a really nice guy.

velogirl said...

Wheel-sucking is an art.

Velo Bella said...

going to work sucks

Ippoc Amic said...

Recently, George, in his outdated Oakleys, looks so darn sad in his interviews. Unless Lance brings him some "presents" for the upcoming stages, look for George to retire after the 2006 Classics. I doubt he will be in the 2007 TdF.

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