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Monday, July 10, 2006

quick scribbles

Having a one-day work week means you've got no time for shenanigans, i reckon.

Sabine and I leave for Natzys tomorrow at the crack o'. Tonite will be a bit of a late-r, unfortunately - 'cuz thus far we have packed a toothbrush, two sports bras, and a bottle of chamois-creme.

we're behind schedule ... and don't mind much.

- - -

What's up with the bike racin?

  1. Saying the Tour is not as wide open after the first TT is ... just crazy talk. There are a dozen boys within 2 minutes of GC contention right now. Remember kids, there's a finish up Alp d'Huez that will kill most of that and a few more Alpine passes that will do a bit worse.

    This Tour ain't but had the first bit of drama unfold.

  2. To say that Levi had a bad TT is sort of like saying that he's going a little bald.


    Let's just put it this way ... McEwen almost beat him.


    You've got to feel bad for the guy. But, I still think he'll end up in the top 12. He's only 4 minutes out of the top placings ... and so many, SO many guys are going to be cracking in the 3rd week. I actually don't think Levi will crack in the mountains. I think he'll stick with the leaders like he usually does and slowly gain back placings.

  3. Hincapie - would somebody light a fire under that guy's ass?

    You've got to be fierce, George. You've got to be pissed as all hell and want revenge for being embarrassed like that. Cuz you were embarrassed.

    Get mean, dammit!

  4. Zabriskie is the coolest cat since ... FLandis. Those two guys rooming together? That's just a bong hit away from Slackers.

    If you haven't seen it yet, check out the Velosnooze video interview of his finish after stage 6.

    Bloody classic ... "you guys are kinda freakin' me out". That guy is fast becoming my favorite bike rider. The kind you could hammer it out on the bike with, and then shits'n'giggles it afterwards over pizza and brew.

    And Floyd - that dude's interviews are the anti-Lance. He's in his schlep-rock t-shirts talking about how, yeah we'd like to get the jersey, but hey it's just another bike race.

    "Is that true, is this just another bike race to you?" asks the skeptical journalist.

    Yeah ... do i look stressed to you?

    rulin' it.

  5. T-Mobile - talk about your Blitzkrieg. If that gawdamn euro-poofter Kloeden wins the Tour, I'll just have to spit. I know Sabine luvs the Deutchers, but i think that guy's just wank on a waffle and would hate it if he got all GrandBoucley.

  6. The heat ... i'm a poofter in it now, too. Me n' daPAB had dueling battles over who would melt the most in the heat this weekend. On Saturday, it was a hard earned win with our Safewayite Ron "MIT" Reade doing the solo endeavor for 25 minutes. Awesome.

    On Sunday, we forced a break of 6 up the road after a very, very aggressive race. I wilted in the final laps and could only manage a 3rd. Yuck. But, I didn't feel to bad because there were plenty of teams who didn't make the break and weren't strong enough to pull us back.

    So, poo on them.

  7. Nationals - yowza. The crit is probably going to be a bit of a crapshoot. 125 riders on a short circuit with a few tight corners. I'll just have to play my cards as best I can and put myself in a position to capitalize.

    The TT is super climby and technical, I've been told. I'm just slapping some aerobars (thanks bunny) on my road bike and giving it a go. I'm thinking podium would be yummy.

    The road race is probably my best bet. I'm hearing it's a kermesse race with tough climbs and a hard finish. yahoo! sounds like fun

    But mostly, I'm just happy to have 6 days of travel with the woman. We gonna party.


PAB said...

#6, poo.

that rhymes with moo...

velogirl said...

#6 -- double poo. I've struggled with this all summer because of health reasons. On Saturday, I sweat so much that I drank 17 bottles in 10 hours and couldn't stay hydrated. Yuck!

Of course, you know PA will be completely cool and refreshing, right?

Have a blast, my friend. Get in some good trouble with VB.

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

hmm ... maybe i don't wanna do the Death Ride.

good on'ya, champ.

see you when we get back.

... and, double moo-poo.

VeloRainDog said...

go get 'em, OV.

oh, and turns out it's a broken rib.

nosajpalnud said...

6. Well nice work on making that break stick - you guys kept the pedal down take 2nd or 3rd?

I want max heat at Minden - no AC....

7. Good luck at Nats

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

vdog - le ouch. (and i can't access your site when you imbed those vids on it. aaaaarghhh!)

nosypud - you 'bout shat me out the back on one of your attacks. strong move. you need some more crit guys to cover all the action. lotta fireworks to cover for a small team and hope to make the right move. double ouch.

nosajpalnud said...

Yeah its really hard with all you guys that have tons of experience, bigger teams and strong legs to boot. I know about how many matches are in the book and tried to save a couple without pulling EMC and Morgan up to the break - we mostly did our fair share. Hopefully we'll have some more crit guys on the team next year. After a pathetic race at Davis and decent one at Vaca, I felt like yesterday went pretty well except for missin' the damn break and just catching a pedal on the last turn makin a dash for you guys - lost a couple spots with that one (started pedaling just a we bit earlier than the other turns and thought I had it dialed). Happy so far with only road racing for 1 yr/ 3 mos. Learning something new at each race. A top 3 or so will click soon enough....

Nome Agusta said...

I remember another dimunative bald guy that used finish the first week in about 80th place only to shoot right up the GC when things got verticle.

Velo Bella said...

give me back my sport bras

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

you'll wanna wash them first.

PAB said...

dude, you told me that was yours when you lent it to me...

yes, definitely wash those...

Velo Bella said...

Yay! Mom's gonna pick up Migo!

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

right on.

more time for snugglins!

Ippoc Amic said...

have fun, race safe, and bring home some medals, all the water's gone from the flooding...righto, up hill, no flooding...

Dr. X said...

Rock at Natz!

Re. Dave & Floyd, worth checking out current Bicycling mag issue (ya, I know, the People Magazine of the velo world), for their mutual interview of each other - Lance coined them 'Dumb & Dumber' when they we all on Postal.

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