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Monday, July 24, 2006

meatloaf and underpants

When naughty things are done in parking lots ... life is good.

Here on the Left Coast ~ we had ourselves a cute little bike race on Sunday. Albany is sort of like a gentrified version of Berkeley. The lil' main street has 23 different flavors of eatery to choose from, but none of the grungy trustafarian nerdly-hip collegials running around reeking of intellectual pretension.

Instead, it was families with their elderlies in tow ~ walkers and moonshine. It was the almost-chic and the more than well-off in their SUVs, bedecked with stickers of GoreLiebermann and Dave Matthews.

Anyway ...

With the Jesster on the microphone blairin' out race commentary in the best spirit of PLiggett (meaning, he misidentified 2 out of 3 riders per lap), and the crowds decent enough for a Sunday afternoon stroll at the park ~ we had ourselves a little bike race. The geezer pedalins that morning was a fun affair with a nice little break of 5 rolling away from the field in the final couple laps. We of the unSafeWay didn't quite fire on all cyclinders, but we still had a man in the move and he placed well. We also took the field sprint behind - so, it was a solid effort.

In the Prosey's race after ~ it was as much of a knuckle-fest as you'd like to make it. And I likes the knuckle-fests. The Giant Starburries had about 73 riders there - so they took the right path in sending out boys on the offensive most the day. But, they also had a lot of confidence in their ability to win the field sprint ... so, they weren't riding with a huge amount of urgency in any breaks.

I went out on the attack a few hundred times and had a hoot ... shits n' giggles, yo. I actually had planned to race it like the BerryBoys, conserving in the pack - waiting for the inevitable field sprint. But, since my woman unexpectedly showed up to watch the race 20 minutes before the start, I had to switch plans and jump the peacock express.

When she comes to watch ~ the feathers are plumed out in full grandeur, baby. Gots to show my wares, you dig?

In the final couple laps, the BerryBoys were doing their best to line it up for a mad gallop. I was involved in a little good-natured bumpin' with AndyJackMaynard up near the front of the pack to pass the time as we approached the last corners. AJM is two shades nastier than his brother which makes me like him quite a bit. Near the bottom edge of the course there was a slight hesitation and I decided I'd rather kick them boys in the shins and make 'em win it the hard way then sit-in and fight for the right of position up the launchpad straightaway to the finishing turns. So, I cranked the throttle full open and went the solo dig.

Well, I was close ~ but them BerryBoys wouldn't give much of a chance and they chomped me down in the final hundred pretty easy-like. They ended up brooming the podium which, in another lifetime, would have sent me spitting all over tarnation ... but nowadays, I just smile and give them their due. They rode a solid race and deserved their fun in the sun. But, I did make the buggers earn it ~ on my terms.

and i did get rewards from the woman.


Gianni said...

Rewards = Totally worth the hero time OTF.

bbElf (a.k.a. panda) said...

Peacock strut is definitely sexier than sitting in.

Was it just me, or did I see you wearing SAFEWAY socks in the master's race? I almost didn't recognize you without the flair...

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

that was my mate, Tafoya.

i ALWAYS where the flair, baby.

marscat said...

would have sent me spitting all over tarnation

we wondered if the Davitamon-Lotto boys
got a spray when they didn't work in the
break on the Shomps

Velo Bella said...

Tafoya should wear PABW socks.

Cept they would clash with the bagboy kit

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

i loved Garcia-Acosta strong arming Summeran out of the rotation.

'get to the back and sit on like a pro, or i'll clobber you stick-boy!'

... i believe was the translation.

X Bunny said...

you've got to cut your hair or fabio has to let his grow out again as too many people are confusing you two

and i happen to know that fabio hates pink socks....

X Bunny said...

and that he wasn't wearing underwear after the race

or so i was told

Olaf Vanderhoot said...


ginmtb said...

You mean nothing separated you and him other than a fine layer of gabardine?

I thought it was only okay for women to go commando...

bbElf (a.k.a. panda) said...

Whew, I was a little worried there for a minute. The announcer said it was you in the break & when I looked -- no pink.

nosajpalnud said...

"We of the unSafeWay...."

uh oh - crash?

Cal Giant Cycling said...

Don't worry we will be at the Tour of Utah not districts!! You can beat up on the Crit boys Briggs and Dunaway and the chupacabra at Fort Ord!!

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

Tour of Utah??


That's a bloody hard race and the competition should be better than ever there this year.

good on you guys for putting it out and going for it. best o' luck.

... mmm, districts.

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