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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

human drama

The French will love Floyd for days to come because of his great collapse today. Weird, huh?

In America ~ the casual cycling fan will drop Floyd ... we dont' like losers. We like our supermen ala Armstrong. We like the Terminators who show a little weakness, only to impress us the more when they overcome and crush the opposition. Because our champions always overcome.

And that is one of the reasons the French never particularly took a great fondness for the Lancinator ... he never cracked, never showed his failings. Because that is what a sophisticated people will judge you by ... your greatness and your weakness.

Floyd showed weakness today, to the world. And, he stood up calmly to take his lumps like a true champion ... champion in the sense of the word that surpasses sport or medals.

The French will appreciate that ... as will all true cycling fans.

- - -

I'm hoping that Riis will pick up Floyd next year for CSC. I think it's worth the gamble on his wacked out hip. Basso will very likely sign with some other team once his doping troubles are over. But, who knows how long that will take. With the strength of CSC ... Floyd would do well. And he'd get to bitch slap Zabriskie around some.

- - -

Speaking of Z-Man ~ Zabriskie is fast growing to DemiGod status. If you haven't been able to check out his podcasts ... do it (thanks NickyNamed).

The boy's got skillz.

It's so refreshing to know there are cats out there rubbin' their tails against the walls of tradition ... leavin' their stank all over it.

get it, brudda.


shawndoggy said...

Methinks Dave Z has a bong stashed in his seat tube or something. Holy crap I almost wet my pants listening to the one where he said he rode up to Oscar Freire and told him he has the same name as Oscar the Grouch.

Velo Bella said...

Way to keep it real, Zabel

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

he's "getting into character"

it's like listening to Christian Slater doing his 'pump up the volume' thing ... with just enough Jack Nicholson thrown in to make you remember ~ this guys got some braincells.

kick ass

Anonymous said...

Man that hurt. But what a class act, no excuses. Did everything he could to win the Tour his own way. Kudos.
It would be very interesting to see him at CSC. Imagine what 2 tough dudes like Voigt & Landis could do, sprinkle a bit a Dave Z, some tall drink of Schleck and kaboom.

Ippoc Amic said...

Trout showed a French paper today that said Floyd had no "panache". I wonder what it will say tomorrow?

Hick said...

Man I feel for my white trash brotha.

I have as have you Olaf cracked that hard with not even a 100th at stake and it SUCKS.

Love him. FlOyD ROCKS in defeat as much as victory.

I do think though that its weak how OP was 28.5 mins off the lead and they GIFT him the fukkin tour by not even trying to chase.



Chris said...

mas cojones hoy!

Miss Mary said...

those podcasts are the best

nice for some giggles on a hard day

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