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Thursday, July 13, 2006


Michael asked for me to post for him.
He wanted to update on today's race.
He said, "just write that I raced, but not all that great..whatever."

As if.

Michael made that race and after either instigating or joining several doomed breaks, he got into a break with Scottie Weiss. They were joined by some big assed, big legged dude named Jason Snow. The three of them rolled well, but the short course meant they were always in sight, and the motivation to chase was always high back in the group.

Eventually Kenny Williams attacked the group and after three laps of powerhouse chasing he caught Michael's trio.

And off the 4 of them went, successfully holding off the field. Just.

I figured Michael would have to attack as he can't match the sprinting speed of Williams or Snow.

And sure enough, with 2 laps to go, Michael threw it all out there and went for it.

He was hoping they would look at each other long enough to let him go. But they worked together. Michael put up a fight, the crowd was cheering it all one, but he was caught with about half a lap left to go.

Jason Snow won the race and Michael, exhausted from his attempt finished a valiant 4th.

So there. He raced, he was great...whatever.

I dug it.


Flandria said...

enjoyed the summary and yeah great effort! thx

alicat said...

nice work.
nice legs.
nice tan.
and now have a nice bucket o beer with sabine.

bbElf (a.k.a. panda) said...

I think it is just so amazingly cool to go balls out like that and really give it all you got. Way to go.

Little_Jewford said...

Snows big ass but has one hell of a sprint in it ... I saw the boy from buzzard bay win in Scummerville years ago and he can still motor when the race is flat. Williams and Scottie Weiss arent bad company either....

From the report its obvious M.H. rode like a winner ... he rode with panache ... excellent

ginmtb said...

Way to leave it all out on the table or however that statement goes. You da man! Great job man - 1 vs. 3 is tough odds.

Dan Cleary said...

That f&*kin' racing at its finest. Putting it all out there. Great pics. Thats some big nuts OV. Way to go.

marscat said...

nice job close.

Great pics too.

the old bag said...

Nice work!

Little_Jewford said...

Ok...who is going to say it? Ya know Papo took was reading Hernando's blog last night and today when it came down to a group of 4, w/2 good sprinters, and < 10 k to go he thought "WWHD?" ... and attacked.

Hey, does M.H. get a cut of the prize for todays stage?

Bob and Al thought it was Bun-eels brillance ... please!... we know the truth

Reed Maxwell said...

Wow, that Snow dude has got bigger buns than my man Paul Bunyan!

Like I said before, what a totally amazing job OV!!!!!!!

velogirl said...

Awesome post, Sabine.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Snow's the man. He won this year again after i chased a late and dangerous break down for him...2nd time not too bad. 30+ World RR champ back in 2001.
Top end sprinter...I saw jump and dust the whole 7up team 4 man lead in Gainesville back in 2003.
Is that you Mike...if so i raced against you in this race, and with you in Cuba...what up now yo??

mhernandez said...

cuba ... oy, i was such a douche in that race. oh well.

same old, nowadays. we've got track nationals in san jose this year for masters - be sure to say 'hey' if you come down for it.

cuba ... that was a few years ago. damn, i'm getting old.