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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

elevation gains

sometimes i miss the hours.

the long training days, the miles rolling underneath, the flowering strength endurance offers.

it's true, i'm only a 3 hour racer these days. there's no need for me to spend the time, so why should i? but, some days ...

i miss the hours.

- - -

to be a 5 hour racer is to always be on the bike. it is to be turning the pedals, even in sleep. to be a 5 hour racer is

to give up,

so you can


sometimes i miss it.


PAB said...

3 hours!!??

crap, i'm only a 50 minute racer...


X Bunny said...

that measures me in minutes

Benjaminiac said...

well, you can come riding with the J-Ms this weekend if you dare.

6-7 hours everyday all weekend. time to cook yourself, them hit the ol' recovery button.

nothing like emptying the tanks to get them full again, i always say.

Olaf Vanderhoot said...


but, geezer commitments for the districts this weekend. can't let my boys down.

the next? or you gonna do E-Districts at F-Ord? either way, i'm jonesin', so if you're around and pedalin', i'll swing at the fences with ya.

Anonymous said...

boy u must have serious mojo - I never get invited to do 6-7 hr rides with the JM's.... sniff, sniff :( 2.5hrs of suffering at psuedo-altitude in the heat or 2 X 6-7 hours in the temperate bay area.... hard choice.

nosajpalnud said...

a different kind of elevation gain this weekend - racing with a bit of altitude.......good stuff

Cal Giant Cycling said...

I say Floyd!!

Anonymous said...

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