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Sunday, June 11, 2006



i do not measure the suffering done on a bike as but a mote to that in the real world ~ the millions who suffer from hunger, disease, infection, oppression, poverty, violence...

but here, in this golden land of plenty ...

i love to suffer ~ on a bike.

- - -

Competition, sacrifice, honor - clashes of will, ego, instinct ... these things have worth, if only to we few, we lucky, we insignificant.

and perhaps it does homage to those who will never have such luxuries, such heavens to reach for.

perhaps not.


Hick said...

Our suffering is voluntary and can be stopped in an instant, a luxury many cannot afford.

Nice post

X Bunny said...

the small amount suffering i have done both on and off the bike in my life seem so unrelated i don't even think they should be called by the same name

The Sage said...

Everytime you suffer you live.

Now this wouldn't have been about Fremont Crit would it?

We should have podium picks up in a few days. Results are already up.

Thanks for coming
JS (the promoter dude)

PS did you take our survey?

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

hey J.

took the survey, pretty funny options. FFBC, not a bad bunch of bikin' yahoos.

thanks for the great race.

Sorry didn't make it down in time for the proseys race. It was a long, luxurious morning and ... we couldn't get outta bed.

be there next year, though.

great frickin' course.

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

bunny = word

sassy = voluntary, i think you've struck the note.


with a sigh, i fall back on Voltaire.

or, at least, what i want Voltaire to mean to me.

thine own garden.

alicat said...

freemont=not enough suffering and no podium for minty freshness.

need to learn to suffer more.
but how?

Velo Bella said...

and the word "sanguine"

makes me think too much for a Monday morning


PAB said...