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Monday, June 12, 2006

Pelosi in charge

Garrison Keillor kicks ass.

just when you thought you were safe from the Lutherans ... Gay-orge Bush takes one up the wazoo.

i loves me the funny-spiked words.


Anonymous said...

I love it when peeps tear down somebody instead of building up the person they belive is better for the job, That said......I enjoyed it. Funny and rings of truth.

BUT, I would rather both sides SELL me on why their member is better than say the other guys suck more than us so give us your vote.

Thats just me.


Olaf Vanderhoot said...

i hear ya ... but Sassy, come on man ... you've heard that Bush speak.

the dude's just a frickin' idiot.

Leader of America ... a bumbling bloody idiot.

come'on, man. we have a lot of smart, capable people in this country.

he ain't one of them, yo.

X Bunny said...

i think he is one of the crab-people

VeloRainDog said...

thanks for the read, OV. and congrats on the win this weekend.

Anonymous said...

I never said he WASN'T an idgit. And whats wrong wit da way he talkes? U know I underdtend him perdy well.

I just said I wuold rather hear why the opsosition is better suited.

Its like saying Oscar the Grouch is stinky and likes trash. Ummmmm Yeah I know, now go find me somebody better.

I also said I enjoyed it :)


shawndoggy said...

I love it when peeps tear down somebody instead of building up the person they belive is better for the job

zactly, well said. If we assume that the current boss is terrible, it doesn't make the new guy qualified.

you've heard that Bush speak.

the dude's just a frickin' idiot.

He's a very poor public speaker, that's for sure. I've gotta think that the WH staffers cringe at the thought of another joint press conference with Tony Blair.

That said, eloquence at the mic isn't the only qualification for a good president. Raygun, for instance, was still quite eloquent even after he started losing his grip. I think that there are a lot of whitebread middle americans who talk like GWB all the time, and see a down to earth guy.

While I may disagree with his policies too, I really doubt that GWB is an idiot. He does have an MBA from Harvard after all. I don't. Give him a little credit.

PAB said...

SD: 'zactly.

people like to see/hear someone who talks like them, a "down to earth guy". it makes them think he is one of them, that he has their best interest at heart.

unfortunately, politics is too much about presentation and perception via the mainstream media. substance matters less and less in this day and age.

too bad. it helps keep the smart, capable people from getting into office--or from even trying.


Olaf Vanderhoot said...

mba from harvard


good one, shawndoggy.

shawndoggy said...

I went to an upper mid teir law school. Sometimes scratching someone's "Top 50" list, but more often not. America's best and brightest did not choose it as their first, hail mary, choice.

And yet, I still recall vividly my first day of law school when it seemed like every smart person in the world was in that room. So sharp. So smart. So well read. Great analysts. Dumbest guy in my class was by no means an idiot.

Take it up a couple of orders of magnatude and you've got Harvard. Granted the MBA program isn't law school and it isn't Wharton either, but Harvard's MBA program is a lot closer to Wharton than it is to Sacto State. Loads of smart people there. Enough brain power to light the room, I'll betcha.

Does the degree guarantee that every decision you make will be wise? Ho ho, I wish. But can you just cruise through with zero effort and no proficiency? I'm doubting it.

But then again there was this dude in law school who managed to ski 45 days a year...