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Friday, June 02, 2006

justice for the meek

oh how the mighty have ... there asses wiped for them (or, how Manolo gets a new pimp):

the new deal "betters the conditions of the previous" sponsor. The new sponsorship deal is worth three years and could be extended for another three. [VN]

I just can't, CANNOT see how the ASO can let Saiz's team in the TourdeFrance. I mean ... am i on crazy pills here, or what?

- - -

TommyD is gettin a little fire in the belly.

People will say what they want, but I still have not gone to a grand tour to ride for the GC," Danielson said. "I went to the Vuelta last year just to finish and I came to this Giro to help Savoldelli. The (2006) Vuelta is the first one where I will try do the overall. People will make judgements from Stage 1 to Stage 21, but I am the only person who can make it happen. I am going to make it happen. [VN]

now that's the kind of smacktalk a champion needs to let loose every once in awhile. You gotta let pride overide pain, sometimes.

- - -

Bessette has retired, but she's still gonna race cross. Oh yeah, that's what we like to hear. I'd love to see her dislodge the Eurotrash from the rainbow jersey. Hope she finds her fire, too.

- - -

Frattini ~ as eurotrash as they come ~ won Captech in a solo breakaway. Here's a little plug for all you folks out there who wanna improve in the crits:

I am not a criterium guy. I changed my style a lot this year. Frank and Mark [McCormack] told me to do the cyclocross and that would help me with the criterium. [CN]

You wanna improve your bike handling? your power? your sprint?



Chico Cyclist said...

Man, I can't wait to get back on a cyclocross bike.....been way too long.

Velojuice said...

cross is the center of the cycling universe, only the deep seekers know it

Ippoc Amic said...

The ASO wanted to exclude Saiz's team, but something about the rules of the Pro Tour won't allow them to...yet.

Deja vu: the last time there was a doping scandal along these lines was in 1998, and the winner of the Tour was an Italian who had just won the Giro, 2nd was a German, and 3rd was a rather astonishing finish by a young American.

Predictions: No Tour for Saiz, 1st place-Basso, 2nd-Ullrich, 3rd-Landis.

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