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Thursday, June 15, 2006

hop on board the jan-eepoo express

well, i don't know what's worse ... this kit, or this guys eyebrow action.

oy ... shave off both, baby.

Kodol Gil ... silly spaniards, TT's are for kaisers.

- - -

so ya, Za'Ullrich is storming up da Swissie hills au bloc, au bloc. He's certainly lean and lookin' good ... even if his helmet perches all kinds a goof atop his keiser-kopf.

It's all quiet on the Basso-front, though. He's training and recovering and Riis says confidence abounds. But, this is the chance T-Mobile has been waiting for ... almost a decade. Pressure from management?

uh ... you think?

I think it's going to come down to who has that one bad day. What suffering.

- - -

gotta admit, i'm pretty interested in this year's TDF.


alicat said...

i thought big races always came down to who has the sexiest socks. now you tell me it has something to do with suffering?

watch out for bbelf at Folsom. She's been talking up her new socks all week...

X Bunny said...

first the pink shorts from a bad nightmare

now this yellow monstrosity

i say, go with black

Ippoc Amic said...

The secret victory salute within a salute is that Koldo is so darn happy and thanking his lucky estrellas that Manolo is long gone from his life...yes, thanks goodness for swiss pens!