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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

happy dance

well, you know how it is ... some days it all just comes together.

moons align, tides swell and crash in celestial rhythm, and singletrack cups your tread like the mothergoddess should.

yeah ~ it was one of those.

- - -


  1. who the hell is Jurgen Van Goolen?

    Disco rider gets 2nd on today's Suissey tour ... and i have no idea who the cat is.

  2. speaking of Suisseys ... Siaz's Wurth team is 1-2 in the GC right now ... and still in for the Tour. ASO kicks out CommVel for being part of the Spanish arrests, but Wurth still in?

    come on ... that's just crazy talk.

    If ASO doesn't kick out Wurth (sorry Vino and all beautiful Kazakhs), then they lose what little street cred they have in the pursuit of a clean sport. What they are doing now is shuffling off responsibility to the UCI ... chicken shits.

  3. RAAM update - crazy muthafukkers. Thanks to the 27t-gawdess for pointing out the evils of breast cancer chamois.


  4. the Davinci Code ... it was kinda bad, actually.


    Didn't read the book ... and won't ~ but, i thought the film would at least be a nice bit of Ron Howard movie-makery.

    it weren't.

    laughing out loud at the pivotal scene in the movie ... not a good sign.

  5. i LOVE riding mtb's with my woman.

  6. June 22nd i have my first doctor's appointment ... ever. Now that I have officially entered geezer-dom, I've decided to go in to the medical establishment and get somebody to look under the hood.

    It's not that I despise the medical arts ... in fact, one of the favorites happens to be a fine practicioner of the dark magics. However, I loathe the machinery of medicine ~ insurance companies, big-business hospitals, corporate-cold decision making effecting an individuals life more directly than any other institution in our aMErican modern world.

    It can bankrupt you from a heartbeat, toss you to the pharmicated devil-wolves, turn your insides out in error, and save your life ... all in the same building.

    I've never gone by my own volition. True, in my younger, wilder days I had the occasional emergency visit ... but, I've never decided to open up my bodily book for review.

    I wonder what they'll find?


Dan Cleary said...

they might take one look and send you to the animal vet down the road. beasty.

jAndy donka-donk said...

my dad (about your age) always talks about this thing called "The Scope"

Please blog this one a bit for us, my dad just says I have something to look forward too, but wont give me the details......

Olaf Vanderhoot said...


that just sounds too,too up-close and personal.

... it will be blogged about, no doubt.

X Bunny said...

i highly doubt he needs 'the scope'--not that old of a geezer yet

it's strange--no one tells you about all the machinery until you are already a part of it and then what do you do? is horrible, i agree

the best i've come up with is to do my own thing in a little corner of the woods where hopefully i'm as removed from the corporate world as possible and try to remember the art part and the helping people part....i know i'm kidding myself to some extent

buena suerte

PAB said...

you know i always say that doctors are to be avoided at all costs...

not that the medical system is any MORE f'ed up than anything else...but it is pretty damn f'ed up.

X Bunny said...

you don't always say that....

diskzero said...

Man, I want a happy dance day.

I think the docs will pull some blood, find high good, low bad cholesterol levels, hematocrit at 47% and comment on your low BMI.

I agree with you on the medical establishment nightmare. I still go in for the screenings, etc. but depend on other sources to just live a healthy life, Dr. Weil, etc.

You are lucky to have avoided catastrophic injury. That seems to be what sends most of us cycling types into the hospital.

Velo Bella said...

I like my doctors
and if I don't I switch
and if I don't like what they say, I research and ask lots of questions
but I am lucky as I have good medical coverage
and I don't know if any of the other machines are any better

shawndoggy said...

If they wanna use a urethrascope... well, just make darn sure you know why first. Darn sure.

X Bunny said...

especially if they aren't a urologist

the old bag said...

...still contemplating the pink shorts...

going where??

Kirkpatrick MacMillan said...

Totally agree with you, 'cept a couple docs fixed me up a few years ago and I would have been dead at the age of 34 had been born 20 years earlier. Needless to say it strengthened my (weak) appreciation for our medical system.

Since 30 is the new 20 and 40 is the new 30, the new standard for "the fist" or scope is 50. So, none of that until we're racing 45/55+.

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

damn ...

like i said, can save lives.

and then there's the "independent" review panel for Vioxx ...

thanks for the note.

bbElf (a.k.a. panda) said...

Nurse practitioners are my favorite. I love getting them because they're usually just as knowledgeable as the doctor but they can put it into real people terms, and they seem like they enjoy their jobs to boot.

Any thing with "scope" or "scopy" in the title, though...*shudder*

Merkeley Bike said...

A geezer and never been to a doc...I'm bettin you'll have all kinds of fun stories to share on June 23rd. Along with a clean bill of health.